Why I’d pay to lick Madams spit, and her cigarette ashes!

I would, Paye Lagu, Madam ji!

A few days ago I saw a Goddess on Twitter that makes my sissy cock and nipples twitch every time I think of her.

And just LOOKING at this Goddess, remember, without her voice coming through -just looking at her dirty, sweaty soles after hours of work, thinking of her relaxing, her smoking a joint, her drinking a beer … just like Madam I referred to in a past email (the foot massage worker that became a BOSS later – no prizes for guessing with whose money, hehe) …

… all so worship worthy!

She’s not in the best of shape, probably not the youngest, most beautiful, etc, yada, nada, sschnada.

Makes not an iota of difference to me! It’s all about the mind, her thoughts, the way she DOES it – the way she writes, speaks etc. It’s never about anything els eto me, if all that isn’t there, you might as well not “be into femdom” as it were.

And the minute she sticks out her tongue, does it with THAT vibe – with her dirty joint remnants on it… oh my!

I just want her to spit that mess on me!

Or, throw her boogers at me!

Or, the cigarette ashes!

The tongue, my friend, along with the ass (crack!!) (I SO want to gently pry her sweaty ass open and gain access to her temple!) .. and her soles, of course!

Her attitude.

Domineering, bitchy, bratty …

All of that, yes, but the tongue?

Every time I see tongue, I’m reminded of the exquisite pleasures  I’ve gotten via tongue – both nipple wise – and otherwise … And I’ve learnt, and given plenty too!

Every time I see tongue, I remember she’s teasing me, and that her real man will get the blowjob, and I wont!

Every time I see those red lips, I’m thinking cum – his cum – on them!

Every time she taunts me with her dirty spit … it’s so sexy!

Her waste is coming at me, and its worship worthy!

Oh my!

She’s such a Queen, and Goddess!

So were all of the ladies I’ve mentioned so many times in Sin City Diaries, my friend.

True Goddesses, the lot of them, and remember, these are all true stories (as Daniela recently said, all my stories are true. Hehe. Which she’s right – indeed fantasy mixed in with a touch of reality … or wait a minute! I got that backwards – reality with a dab of creative license it was!!!).

And that, my friend is that.

Pick up Sin City Diaries, and some of our tales of femdom – and manuals as well.

Once you go “SE”, you’ll never go back!


Mike watson

PS – Paye Lagu, Madam … JI!

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