Would I rather Mona busts my BALLS – or Ivy?

I don’t know!

Id still say Ivy Bao hehe. She’s such a Goddess and Queen, and she’s young, but that hasn’t got ANYTHING to do with it (she is probably around 28 anyway at the time Im writing this).

But Mona Madam ?

She’d probably – and naturally – do a damn fine job of busting male bollocks, hehe.

Rememebr – she only works with ladies for a reason.

Men are not wanted, boy!

For the most part, at least, unless it’s to buy laptops and God knows how many phones, and annoyances that most men don’t like, hehe, but they buy them anyway!

Of course.

We should!

(It is the overriding theme for the Submissive Musings in mainland CHina series, for that matter, much like Sin City Diaries is all about downtrodden women getting their UPPEANCE in real life over ME!)


But anyway, Madam Mona?

I’ve never met her, seen her, spoken to her, except for one picture, but she has a lot of similarity to Ivy Bao in many ways!

Same friendly nature, same open eyes, same friendly smile … and a *(at least halfway, I’d say) open MIND.

A business woman (Ivy wasn’t, but she had the brain for it, I’ll say this!)

And … same body type.

Lovely fat upper arms, lovely fat legs (so she would probably say, and Ivy says!)

she’d probably do a DAMNED fine job of busting bollocks!

But I’d still choose Ivy. Why?

Well, I dont know.

Personal relationship, perhaps.

All the convos we’ve had in the past!

And because of that hair, that lovely flowing hair that FLIES as she busts me on in the nuts, and then I fall at her FEET!

As you’d like to, hehe.

OK, I’ll stop.

I know this is turning you on.

But really, it’s just a spoiler for BallBusting 101. 

Once you crack that one open, you’ll truly understand what it means for a book to be “well worth it and then some!”


Mike Watson

PS – Customers have been RAVING about my products globally, including saying “they dont mind paying high prices because I’m the femdom “au extraordinnaire ” guy” (as a customer from France recently put it aka “Louis”) and “the books are worth every rupee” (this was a customer in India) and so forth. . . 

(in other words, I’m truly the real deal, real “Mc Coy” when it comes to REAL FEMDOM, so get on the stick NOW)

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