Mistress Jyoti, the ballbustrix that MADE (and with) a difference!

Yes, Madam did!

Truly did!

And anyway, before I rap about (rap, hehe) what made her so special?

Well, first, one of the secret shamianic, I’d say “profoundly Indian” tips on ballbusting in the book?

It involves rapping, and it ain’t just rapping balls with knuckles, my friend.

It goes much, much deeper at a level you’ve never felt before in a way you’ve never seen, heard of or experienced before.

Which is fine, but Jyoti … never did that.

Instead, Mistress Jyoti used the LAST technique mentioned in the book, which for obvious reasons you’d think is the most extreme, since I go from “easy to hard” normally?

But it’s actually one of the less extreme ones, but it’s with a Jyoti “twist!” (no, she does NOT twist my balls in the tip).

Despite what y’all think what Ive outlined in the book is truly “beyond obvious”.

Twisting balls is one thing, but mashing them along with BUSTING them – now THAT is what Jyoti did.

Think it’s simple.


But doe sthat MASH the balls?

I dont think so.


Does that WHAM!?

I dont think so, my friend.

But Mistress Jyoti as she lay there comfortably after calling me up at 2 AM demanding I come over to her place (though I was asleep!) and press her legs as she went to sleep talking about the guys she danced with as she went clubbing did it so well.

“Au naturalle!” 

If I got that right, Louis – let me know!

(He’s a great customer from France).

But anyway, thats not the only reason Jyoti Madam Ji is so special.

It’s also because SHE is who my first books on Indian femdom were modeled upon!

No, I didnt model them on Priyanka Chopra, though that lovely Goddess was often in mind.

It was Jyoti, perfect Mistress Jyoti, and as I … think about her fat, lovely arms, I’m melting – literally!

And as ya’ll, so are you.


And you’ll melt further into the votex as you read through our selection of Indian femdom.

And that, my friend is that. Back soon!



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