“You Chose to make yourself a bitch! “

Dear Reader,

I had the most “awesome” of dreams last night – – not that I don’t dream regularly anyway!

As you might imagine from someone “in the flow” and spiritually attuned – – and constantly striving for MORE in that regard, I’ve always been a huge believer in dreams, and their significance.

But though I had plenty of interesting dreams last night, the one I’m talking about here is not the “dry” kind, hehe.

Nah – – it’s the WET kind – – yes – – at the age of 37, going on 38, I’m still a regular “wet dreamer” – – due to in no small proportion my exercise routines that keep my hormones nigh RAGING – – and of course, my own thoughts (and actions).

The thoughts being that it’s far better to TRANSMUTE sexual energy into something productive when one doesn’t have the right partner by one’s side as opposed to “waste one’s seed” by jerking off, or other “temporary pleasures”.

Believe me, this can be done, and this is a hallmark of ALL achievers in life.

No, I’m not saying having sex is harmful – – but doing so without the proper checks and balances – – in other words, the “yin and yang” of this most instinctive of human activities isn’t always the “cure” we think it is.

What do I mean?

It’s certainly not the first time I’ve had wet dreams, by the way. I often wake up to massive erections and a light touch (literally) is all it takes for me to explode – – and I’m usually at a woman’s feet in the dreams immediately preceding this wet “blast”.

But last night’s dream was different.

I was sucking dick – – a long, “white” sort of cut cock.

Not curved as I write about so often in my books. It was long and straight, and cut, and though I couldn’t see the guy’s face clearly, he was the lean and mean sort – – and with a dick to boot in that regard as well!

And though he didn’t quite look me in the eye – – he might well have – – as he uttered the following words “You chose to make yourself a bitch!”

As I deep throated him, his only other constant refrain was “the balls, the balls …”

And as I reached down towards, I felt a pleasurable sensation build, build, build  – – that I was trying to CONTROL – – and all of a sudden I woke up as this wet dream become reality, and well, the rest is history.

As I continue to get into flow, more and more so for that matter, and continue to get in touch with my spiritual side, the changes in my life have been NOTHING SHORT of amazing!

And though this dream could have many interpretations, the one that comes most readily to mind is that I CHOSE to get familiar, intimate, and comfortable with my feminine side, and though I don’t mention this in the manual ALL true submissives should have a copy of, it’s one of the keys to results in that area as well.

I don’t mention it because it isn’t an actual tip – – and also because it isn’t something you can turn on and off at will.

It’s something you can only acquire once you choose to get comfortable with your female side (for men – -and believe me, it’s THERE!) and once acquired, you can’t just “lose it”.

BDSM, and the power exchanges therein with consenting and understanding partners are one of the best ways to release a man’s feminine side – – and also, on the other hand, a woman’s masculine side (and again, yes, this exists!).

Ancient Chinese and Taoist philosophies often spoke of the “yin” and the “yang” being VITAL energies to both males and females.

The “yin” encapsulates all that is FEMALE – – creativity, receptivity, gentleness, loving submission etc.

The “yang” emphasizes all that is MALE – – drive, virility, achievement, goals etc.

And BOTH these energies need to be present in an individual for true growth to occur. Take one away, or increase the other, and imbalances occur.

And giving a man a blowjob – – a man that is so deliciously dominant – – even in one’s dream – – certainly signifies getting in touch with one’s feminine side at the very least!

I often write about the “virile and outwardly MANLY” Mike Watson, and that is who I am in “real life”.

And yet, I’ve got the “bitch” side to me that most that know me, even that know me WELL would never, ever realize I have.

I’m called an alpha male by most – – but in the bedroom, and with certain ladies, I’m the exact opposite. And whats more, I love it too!

This isn’t as unique as you think, by the way. Many a football player in the past has been captured in the bedroom wearing pink thongs; and I’m not joking in that regard!

‘Tis indeed liberating to discover and get comfortable with your feminine side, my friend, and if there is one takeaway from this email, it is that.

Don’t just “think about it”. Actively work on it – – discover it – – and if that means being COMFORTABLE with being more submissive – – then work on that as well!

It has to come from the inside out – – not the other way around!

Not only will it allow you to get the dominant lady of your dreams QUICKER than you ever thought possible, but it’ll also make your overall life with her (and while you’re solo as well) a heck of a lot more pleasurable and enjoyable.

Ok, that’s enough on this topic. I’ll write more on this later if y’all are interested!


Mike Watson

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