Why fat, bitchy, Indian (or any!) ladies that wake up at 1 PM are the very best! Paye Lagu Madam!

Ah, Indian femdom!

I’ve written tomes on it, havent I ?? It has it’s own brand – it’s own special flavor as it were, and while the bulk of my writing is admittedly still on “Asian” femdom (which I never could understand by the way – I mean, isnt India a part of Asia? Then why is Asian only “Oriental”? Must admit thats a mystery to me!) (and why I kept my name as “Mystery” on many a forum in days bygone, hehe)) – – I LOVE Indian femdom like nothing else too, because it’s got its own flavor aka (as Garima Madam taught me mockingly in the restaurant – well, not me – she taught her once boss!) “swad”.

Which is Hindi for flavor.

But anyway, while watering the garden I saw her …

A lady that just woke up.

With that annoying “just woke up” attitude, she walked out to the balcony.

Got some clothes.

And walked back in, massive ass shaking, and SLAMMED the door.

Shortly thereafter, I saw a maid as well, but it’s the lady (this time, as opposed to the MAID!) that really did it!

She’s not attractive, she may be considered fat and is, and she … well, you get the drift!

But perfect Ms. Priyanka used to normally wake up around that time, and you know the best part?

I’d press her feet all night, of course.

And she’d sleep comfortably after either the fucking she got from her black stud (long cocks! Mmm!) – – or the ass licking I kept giving her.

Now, when we first met she was an early riser, as I’ve written in the book, and had trouble “going”.

And, as I’ve detailed?

I used to lick her ass regularly and RELIGIOUSLY and then she “went”!


While I describe this in great detail in the Pooja Memsahib … JI! series – it applies for Ms. Priyanka too.

And anyway, later on, she started sleeping in.

I’d still do the ass worship, but after pressing her feet all night, she’d wake up sometimes in the early AM, and kick me away – “enough, slave” 

She was already sleepy, and relaxed from the hours of foot massage I gave her. 

And she’d sleep alone!

And I’d cook her meals, water the garden, and wait for her to wake up, that A/C to turn off (temporarily!).

What a Queen!

What a perfect Goddess!

And that, my friend is really that.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Another best part? These sort of ladies usually drink all night, party all night, never cook and clean, want a cuck AND a stud at their beck and call, and their natural bitchiness is AMPLIFIED. And thats what it’s all about, my friend!

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