“That’s my dream the world of all men in chastisity”

Oh my!

Man, I’ve spoken about how Indian women, with those lovely feet, dominance much like Chinese ladies but different in their own unique manner – and that cute ACCENT – well, they make me want to drop down right there and then!

None more so than Bhagwati Ma’am, you guys on the list that have been following it closely and have read the book know that!

But other than her – this lady i saw one night out of the blue, pun intended, on Twitter, well other than Princess Joanie with that VIBE, those EYES, my!!! – NO other lady has made me cum in my pants just reading her words. I have not seen her face, just her words, i remember shooting a load involuntarily reading about her marriage contract with men in chastity that were only allowed to marry and sleep with her after signing over their finances to her. And this is with me with so much experience with these ladies!

She’s older, not traditionally attractive, fat, lovely bulging tummy, and that female dominant CONFIDENCE that comes from truly knowing her place MENTALLY – as I keep saying that part is most important – hell, she could never show me her face, I’d still stare at the turds  emerging from her poo hole and thank her for just that, what a Queen and GODDESS you are, Mistress Bama – and i have not even been PRIVILEGED enough to see her soles or armpits as yet!

Hopefully more of you search for her, find her, but nothing for free.

Anyway, her dream world is one I’ve created and been living in for years.

On auto pilot and then some.

And I like challenging myself.

Try pinching the tip of your uncut penis, or taping cut cock heads to stop even Sissygasms escaping


The way it just falls out after I release. I dont even get sissy pleasure from the release and get even hornier – it’s the perfect ruined orgasm and then some if done right, or not at all!

That’s just ONE example.

Living the way I do, attracting my results or the type I do takes focus and dedication but there’s no more fun activity if done right. And again, doing it right or not at all is what I’ve always been about. So it should be for YOU too.

Point is, just reading about all this doesn’t cut the bacon . Hehe. Or, pork.

I still remember an old boss going red in the face out of frustration asking about where to get pork loins that noone even understood the term. Hehe.

I could have helped, but he didn’t want it…

Anyway. Same thing for a lot of you hankering after free stuff, that’s not why we are here.

We are here to get you RESULTS.

And unfortunately those won’t come unless you invest in the courses above, and or the ones specific to you.

And that’s that!

Back soon.



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