Mona Memsahib … JI!

This morning as I woke up, that name “Mona Madam…” was ringing in my ears!

Remember that imperious force of nature I wrote about last year, the lady who won’t let you sleep more than THREE hours a night, boy!

She’s so busy, boy!

You need to press her feet after lunch, press her head in the middle of the day, run her errands, bring her her numerous phones, and on top of all this, you’ll be washing the dishes, ironing her business attire, shining her shoes, and she’ll slap you – HARD – like the BOSS LADY she is – if you get it wrong!

(A certain Bozo in the UK “Glyn Schofield” whose rumaging around on public welfare and pestering ladies to “be their servant” is no doubt having kittens reading this)

But she’s such a Goddess, and the terms Mona Memsahib … JI! were playing in my brain when I woke up this morning.

Not to mention, as Garima so sage(s)ly told me …

Don’t forget the JI, boy!

That, in Hindi is an expression of RESPECT!


Down, boy!

But anyway, Mona who I’ve never even seen in real life reminds me of a certain Madam Peng . . .

A lovely lady, nearing 60, and she kept asking me if her age was a problem!

“I’m old enough to be your grandmother, boy!” 

Well, not quite, but Madam thought I was 28 (as many do!).

“Why do you want to see FEET, boy!”

She’s a boss at a financial firm in Hebei in China, spent four years in a Chinese prison for a crime she did NOT commit . . . And Chinese prisons, even for minor crimes (committed or not) are virtual hell holes as you may know!

And that doesnt lessen my admiration for her any – I almost sissygasmed to Madam last night!

If only she knew what I did on a regular basis for Madam Aa Ling’s Mom – maybe she wouldn’t be reticent initially. Hehe.

But either way …

“I dont like going out with men, boy! And you’re one of them!” 

I reassured her.

“Madam, as you can see, please don’t worry! I’m just your admirer and servant. OF course NO sex!” 

And she’s such a goddess, and as she slept last night, I wanted to press her feet with oil!

Older ladies are so sexy, so attractive!

It’s only the idiots that look at “age”.

And yes, younger ladies can be just as dominant – just ask Princess Joanie or Madam Carrie, or any of the rest!

Paye Lagu, Memsahib – you’re the best!



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