What Empress Cody had me “hump”

Dear Reader,

So, as I “recover” from the memories of Madam Joyce – – and the memories of her lovely, OPENLY dominant nature – – I remembered another, possibly even more arrogant (and rightfully so! hehe) – – and JUST AS OPENLY dominant lady — that being “Cody” –  – or should I say “Empress Cody”!

The “Empress Cody” series was the last I wrote for a while in terms of full length novels (“Joyce the Ultimate Queen” and “Princess Joanie – Volume #1 are on their way though) — but last does NOT mean least. No way!

The first thing this imperious Goddess – oh, sorry, Empress, made me do upon meeting me online (yes, again!) was send me a picture without a shirt.

Given that she told me many times she was married, this puzzled me.

“But why, Cody?”

“Why do you want to see me without a shirt??”

No answer, of course.


“I just want!”

“Well, can I see a picture of YOU topless”, I jokingly asked. I had meant that to be a joke, of course – but little did I know that joke would have CONSEQUENCES later – serious ones at that!!

All hell broke loose, of course, and after I profusely apologized (remember, this was still day #1!) – she asked me (yet) again.

And finally I got it, and as my dick started to twitch (for the last time in a while, hehe – but you’ll see what I mean in the story) – – I figured I’d say it.

“Yes, actually, I need to show you. You want to see it, so I should show you. Isn’t that correct?”

“YES!” And the answer came so quickly that I was left wondering if she was waiting for me to say it!

Well, FWIW, those that know me know that I don’t like taking selfies, nudes etc – and like sending them out to (relative) strangers even less  – especially online, and I told the Empress that, albeit politely.

(BTW, the part about having to call her Empress came later – the story details how – she’s the first lady that required me to call her that – and given everything that went down – rightfully so!).

“Oh, whatever”, she laughed. No giggle, just a sexy, confident laugh …

And I sent it over to her, and the next day I find out she showed it to her husband.

“Cody! We agreed you wouldn’t show anyone!”

“But he’s my husband!” she responded, as if it was the most natural thing in the world for her husband to check out pictures of other men along with her!

And I should have steered clear at that point, my friend – I should – I really should have – but I didn’t!

And was that a mistake – or not? I’ll leave you readers to decide, but as for what she made me hump regularly along with other members of her harem?

Not my fist.

Not the floor, and certainly not a soft pillow.

No sex obviously, and no pink plastic “pussies” either, hehe.

No – she had us humping get this – AIR – when we weren’t fellating each other actively!

Empress Cody was truly  an Empress. If you think humping air is “easy” – try it the next time you have a hard on, my friend.

If you can hump the air – – and maintain your hard on (hands off!) – – while listening to bellows of “Humpie, boy, humpie!” – then I’ll be a monkey’s uncle and horse’s ass rolled into one – and I mean it!

Some of the most extreme humiliation I’ve ever been put through happened during that phase of my life – and if THAT sounds extreme – well – I’ve got news for you – ’tis but the tip of the iceberg.

Princess Joanie was even more of an expert at humiliating men – albeit more indirectly – and in a different style, but if there ever was humiliation done RIGHT – it was done by her!

And I’ve detailed 25 ways in how she did just that to me – and obviously, 25 ways that YOU as a Domina can use to humiliate your sub – – or if you’re a sub craving humiliation – – well – – this might just be the best gift you ever present your lady with!

All for now then, my friend – I’ll be back again. Don’t forget to grab Humiliation Central – – right here – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/manuals/humiliation-central/


Mike Watson

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