Sucking his dong while he’s on the toilet. PLOOP!

This is really so erotic – are there NO limits a TRUE AND REAL sissy won’t go to? 
I mean, I still remember the ploops his big solid turds made, the smell, yet, all I coud think about sucking his DONG while he was taking a dump! 
Master, you’re so NICE! 
I even massaged his waist and lower back so the extra bits of poo “stuck in” would come out easily as I slobbed away greedily. What a lovely sissy!

Dongs, dollops!

And his DICK. His lovely COCK.

I saw a chinese bodybuilder the other day, and had to write this to you, cuckie boy.

Imagine THIS.

Smooth, fair Asian skin … and lumpy (unfit, sure, but we aren’t talknig fitness here!) muscles for show.

Yet, that is more for you to rub him down with oil after his workout – when he gets horny, boy!

He wants a woman to suck his dick after a workout. He’s a real man, and he’s got a BIG cock – a thick one – and a BULBOUS mushroom head, boy!


His nipples are perenially pert.

Mmm, I hear you say, cuck!

Suck his niples, boy! GIVE IN!

Massage his back. Rub his chest.

KISS HIS MUSCULAR CHEST – kiss his feet!

He’s your perfect CHINESE MASTER – BOY! ACCEPT IT!

He had to go take a dump.

A big massive one – so he can eat and drink more with Madam later! And PISS ON YOU!

(I can feel you cum, cuckie!) 

He’s doing so NOW.


And his PRISTINE DUNG hits the toilet water, his even more pristine ASSHOLE disgorging his shit, but your mind, suckie cuckie?


That feels good to him!

Thats right.

It feels damn good, and again, your sissy, pathetic little PERVERTED CUCK MIND?

It’s on his DICK, hanging down in the toilet – or rather his balls which are ready to release mammoth dollops after that hormone boosting workout, boy.

his dick is HARD and pointing out of the toilet, his legs spread, he’s looking YOU IN THE EYE, boy!

And you’d suck his dick, boy.

Lets admit it!

You’d suck his dick while he’s on the toilet – thats how perfect Master is!

Real men also get FINGERS and tongues in assholes – and I wrote about that before. It just enhances their pleasure more.

They have shit coming out of their assholes, perfectly formed TURDS – and you worship the sewer, boy. Dont you?

Lets face it you dumb ass Bozo. You LOVE your tongue in ass!

In fact that is what you DO all the time . . .

For YOU though, sissy, you get a DICK up his ass, stretching you like NOTHING ELSE CAN!

And giving you the sissygasms NO-ONE else except a real stud can.

And Madam Ivy Bao, at least that is who I think she was will flick their nipples, giggle with them, and slam you on the FACE – and BOLLOCKS with their POWERFUL HORSE LIKE KICKS!

You fall to the ground in supplication at Master and MIstress’s feet, and you accept it, cuckie.

Just do it, boy.

Accept your destiny, because there truly is NO other for YOU!



PS – And to find men and women to do this to you in real life rather than just jerk off and read – or was the other way, hehe, grab the course here and start attracting NOW.

(cheap asses, stay away).  (not you real buyers, but there are lot of lookie lou’s and cheapskates on this list that never buy anything and “lurk”, so thats for THEM).

PS #2 – and, as a reward for YOU – the reader – here is my lovely sexy MASTER –

I so love the way Master’s penis head POKES out from under the sheath! Muah! xo.
??so – HAPPY! His balls are so big, his legs so hairy, so strong and MANLY!
I’d suck him RIGHT there…and I did, of course! Hehe.

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