If you’re fortunate enough your wife recognizes (and accepts) your faggotiness… Hehe.

Not everyone is, as I wrote about yesterday!

There was nothing about cock sucking there, but “Tiger” is interested in that as well – from what I was told!

He hasn’t told his wife as yet, but he’s playing it smart … doing what I tell him to do in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China“.

Interesting, the name he chose “Tiger”. hehe. In bed he’s anything but!

And in China they love tiger penis soup. Hehe again.

Anyway – I got this most interesting note this morning along with a picture I might share (if “Ric” permits!)


Nice erotica! I was fortunate enough that my wife told me I was a faggot many years ago. With her help, I have become an accomplished cock sucker.


He is certainly happy and fortunate – not everyone is that “blessed” – no pun intended, and intended!

Yours truly –

Hi Ric

Great hearing from you – and thanks for the positive comments! I’m glad you’ve got your wife to “support” (not that you needed any, hehe, from the sounds of it) you in your cock sucking journey – one of the best things, isnt it?

How did your wife know you were a faggot – your fantasies during sex, or the lack thereof? Or … ? (just if I may ask!)

Nice picture as well – thanks for sending it in!

Do invest in “Cock Worship For Sissies and Faggots” and “Penis Central” and some of our other sissy courses. You’ll love ’em!


Mike Watson

For YOU on the list, thats an interesting question too!

I’m sure a lot of you bring this up in bed – thats the only way a sissy stays “hard”!

Talking about other men’s DONGS … cocks .. and being humiliated!

And then our wives say what they do which if they only knew how much of a turn on that is!

Mine actually sent me a LONG email on it – not just say it – thats Rachna Ma’am, of course. I’ll see if I can find it today!

And I’ll post it here…

But anyway, write back – let me know – how did your wife or “S.O.” find out about it? Should be a great one to ask … and of course, Ric – if you want to be “outed” even more brutally (thats a nice picture he sent in, nice cock!) – well – apply here!

And thats that.


Mike Watson

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