My CANNON is about to shoot a load in YOUR EYE, cuck!

“Im luvin it”, I almost hear you say. 


But really, cuck. And footboy.And sissy.


WE ALL KNOW you love cocks – so quit pretending you dont – and we all know you want to see my DARK THICK MEATY phimotic cock, stick your tongue in my hairy asshole, flick my nipples, kiss and lick my penis, and suck my balls, and just “forget everyuthing and give ME pleasure” like I DESERVE.

We know it, boy.

And getting pissed and unsubscribing won’t help either.

You’ll still secretly look at the same damn thing on the Internet.

Anyway, this is a short one (just like your cock, cuck, though not quite as short).

Jerome often did this .

HIs cannon would shoot into the cuck’s eye …

And his cock was … cut, and …

Black, and …

But I won’t describe it further HERE, hehe.

For cock lovin experiences that will have you wetting your pants now, sissy, go HERE.



PS – If you sissies and faggots don’t wanna invest in true quality, then please unsubscribe, boy. Go back to jerking off on the Internet, but stop haunting us real men and women!

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