No, you fool!! Waking up and staring goggle eyed at pictures of feet on the Internet won’t cut it!

I was going to say “footboy”, but then as I’m looking at the lovely Sophia next to me, I Remember what she said a year – well – a couple of years – ago to me!

“No you fool! How could I forget you!” 

She said that to her cuck, actually. Hehe.

How can she forget “me”. Yes.

A cuck that sucks other men’s cocks for her, happily pays her bills, listens to her rant about her kids – puts up with her demands for “tell me your bank account, BOY!” – listens to her like a soul mater – does the cooking and cleaning, presses her feet … and of course, listens to her say the following.

“You can never have sex with me, boy!” 

“Suck your dick? I will NEVER do that – thats only for the rock stars and movie stars I love!” 

And if that sounds like music to you – you idiot that jerks off to porn on the Internet, well, listen UP.

Yes, YOU footboy.

Staring at foot pics won’t cut it, and you know it.

Those “VIP wanks” you so want … WHY do you want ’em?

Because not only can you not get laid unless you pay for it (and even in those cases, THIS happens, hehe – snicker) … you couldn’t get laid if your life depended upon it.

No money, no fame, no WOMEN …

And you’re looking at foot pictures, wondering “I wish she’d do that to me”. 

“Madam, I’d do anything for you!” 

Or, as a certain Bozo wrote in to a girl I know. 

(a lovely lady, hehe). 

“Can I be your servant? Carry your shopping? Massage feet?” 

And a host of other rubbish, and this joker from the UK finished off “Good?” 

Apparently he copied (unconsciously) the Chinese way of saying “hao ma?” (which means is that ok?)

What a moron.

Right on par with the drunken fools who message me asking me for pictures of my legs, or even my dick … or whatever they think I have.

One even messaged asking me for pictures of my SHIT.


What jokers!

Friends, listen up.

You can only get what you want in life in any regard by ATTRACTING what it is to you – not PESTERING that which you want. 

All the chasing and thinking won’t cut it, friend.

If you truly want to attract on auto pilot, like I do – well – learn from the very best there is at femdom, cuckoldry, and anything related – ME.

Learn at my feet, I might as well say!

Start right here. (and if you’re here for “just the free stuff” do me and you a huge favor by hitting the UNSUBSCRIBE button. Thank you!).

Best ,


PS – Remember to pick up Cuck Central  – if Sophia’s words sound like manna from heaven for you, cuck, then you’ll love it!

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