His Holiness Spreadeth The – His – DIVINE – seed.

I was eating Papaya as of now, and figured I’d tell you this.

Does eating papaya sound familiar to you cucks and footboys on this list for a LONG time?

I bet!

I’m not going to get into why now.

But think about it, footboy!

That SEED – that precious seed – when a real man cums, and the more powerful the orgasm is on your face – in your mouth – what is the real turn on?

Is it the cum?

Is it the taste?

“holy seed”?

Is it the smell?

Is it the dick?

The contractions?

The cock?

His moans of pleasure, and UTTER relaxation, and dominance as YOU, footboy, submit to a real Master – his holiness? 

If you were to say a combo of all the above, I’d agree.

But if you were to say the LAST is the most important, I’d label you head sissy #2 (I’m one, sometimes, hehe) – and I’d say you’re SPOT ON.

The perfect cuck!

Think about it, footboy … 

That dick spitting out cum … it could be on YOU. 

Either from a condom, or from his dick direct …

And we all know there isn’t a bigger treasure than worshipping a true God with legs spread wide apart, those strong legs, those masculine legs …

And the balls – that precious resorvoir of JUICE!

I’m almost orgasming on YOU writing this so I can just imagine YOU.

Grab Cuck Central now, and start your journey to being the perfect CUCK – today!



PS – Remember, to REALLY get ropes of cum and to get him to blast – do what is taught in Sissy-gasm Central, except do it submissively! You’ll see what I mean – just do it!

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