GOBS of CUM, and that lovely, MASSIVE BULGE in his underwear . . . !

20 November 2015.

I don’t know what happened on that date (or maybe I do – – I Think it’s related to Madam Carol, her of the loveliest feet I’ve been fortunate enough to “be with” and that’s saying a lot!! ?), but I’m not entirely sure . . .

It came to me, several times, in fact when it did come to me the first time it came “bolded” and with a square around in in my mind if that makes sense.

Anyway, the gobs of cum and the mammoth BULGE.

One is with regard to yours truly and probably HIM too. I’ll reference him soon! ?

And the second, of course him!

That lovely black cock, ah, but we’ll get to that.

So last night I had a massive, massive orgasm, as usual, an UNINTENDED one, and a RUINED one at that.

I brought myself to the very point. The very tip.

And all I did was a couple of “strokes” while thinking about Perfect Madam Pooja, and those lovely brown calves, sari hiked up to mid calf as it were.

“Bade Bade log mere per dabate hai!” she said haughtily while sitting one of the most comfortable recliners I’ve seen, while completely ignoring me at her legs, assiduously “pressing” them as she chatted with another guy!

That was something Ms. Priyanka often did and said, of course. And it translates into the following “Many men, some powerful, some not, rub my legs on command!”

It didn’t take much at all, of course. As I’ve been saying, I haven’t had release for a while and before I knew it, this wasn’t just a normal release, but mammoth loads of cum just SHOOTING out  . . . into my outstretched palm, of course, which I Concealed from my half asleep SO.

I was sleeping on the floor, and Madam on the bed. OF course . . .!!!

And there was cum everywhere. I can still taste and smell the bleach at the time of writing this!

Cleaned up, went to bed, couldn’t sleep for hours.

The release occurred, but the orgasm didn’t, and that’s why I love ruined orgasms so much – a perfect way to keep us cucks and sissies at “heel” as it were, and the trigger was Madam Pooja’ finger slyly sliding in and out of my ass.

Princess Sophia too. Sometimes one finger, sometimes two as I MOANED . . .

. . . So sensititve is the anal region, and so well conditioned is yours truly is that the thought is all it takes!

There is more where this came from, of course, including black cocks, but remember this – ruined orgasms need to be done RIGHT for the fun to really happen at all levels, and HERE is the definitive guide to ruined orgasms – 15 ways to give him the ruined orgasm of his life and keep him GROVELING for MORE!

Truly the best ever course out there on it. If there is something better feel free to send it my way!

And now, for part #2 of this . . .

I could of course put it in a separate email but I Don’t want to.

“You could put lotion on your skin too! IT will make it glisten even more!”

That was I was telling a magnificent black man, or so it seemed from the nigh muscular black chest and those deletectable nipples of him calling out to be WORSHIPPED . . .

And as I did so, the smooth chest glistened even more!

A short while later I smelt ASS.

My Madam’s ass. Those lovely ass cheeks, those succulent GLOBES of flesh undulated around me as thoughts of his lovely ass came to mind too, and I was literally begging her to . . .

. . . and her friend, another lady, I think an Indian one but not sure was already “gravitating to him”, as he lay there, a MASSIVE bulge in those (I think!) Hanes underwear of his . . . (got the tense wrong, I know, hehe) . . .

A bulge that was not revealed in my dream but that I thought about earlier on in the night plowing into me and that no doubt contributed to the massive ruined orgasm!

A short while before this, of course, the same other girl appeared in my dream, along with a “detective” of sorts calling her phone (which was with me!).

Who was it? What was the date I referred to above?

Well, all of this will be revealed later as I myself delve into my mind and search for, and then find the answers!

But for now, being a TRUE cuckold is so much FUN!

“Madam, I’ll cook and clean while you date other men! Yes, you deserve the best sex and more than even one stud can giveyou!”

(As said to Perfect Madam Su, cuckoldress au extraordinaire . . . )

“Madam, you can date other handsome men, but I’m not allowed to even talk to other girls. You can check my phone . . . “


(Snippet from what I told Madam Ann . . . and she loved it!)

And of course, the redoubtable, INIMITABLE Madam Pearl who I will always, always, remember!

“Slave! I’m coming home! Hurry up and have water ready to wash my feet, and hurry up and paint my nails! I’m going out dancing tonight!”

(often said while my head was between her ass cheeks, or usually when she was actually returning from work, or while with her lover, or  . . . . well, you get the drift!)


Being a true cuck is so much FUN!

Once you get on the train you will never go back my friend, and that’s a promise! ?

Dang, that was a long one wasn’t. Kinda like that massive unending orgasm I had last night. I’m out – and I’ll see you SOON!


Mike Watson

PS – Here is where you can pick up Cuck Central – the DEFINITIVE guide to cuckoldry, written by yours truly, but “inspired” by the one and only Princess Joanie!

PS #2 – And here is where you can pick up Princess Joanie, the book that gives you the background on this magnificent Chinese lady with the most beautiful feet in Southern China. I’ll have more Volumes out in the future. For now though, this WILL suffice . . . boy! ?

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