Mike Watson …. Is truly a WOMAN?

Maybe thats why I get called a sissy.

Maybe thats why I love to suck COCK so much!

And maybe thats why I know how to dominate you, footboy.

I know your deepest desires, your deepest and darkest secrets. 

If you think this is an “alpha male in disguise” writing to you, you’re WRONG.

We are what we ARE at our core, my friend.

Why do I serve these dominant ladies so well ?

Because only a woman knows how a WOMAN feels, and what she WANTS … BOY!

Yours truly – there is a reason I wrote the tale on “Mai, My Indian maid”.

Mai ….KHE.


Mai itself is a “female” word in China!

So says Miss Rose!

And so says …well, I can”t remember. I rather like the name Brittany! And maybe Barbara too!

In the meantime, if you want to be ordered around by a TRUE WOMAN, well, my products will do it.

Sorry it took so long to out myself, but I’m doing it as of NOW.



Mike Watson

PS – I love being a girl, especially with my pert sexy in shape body, and when studs grope me … and YOU SERVE ME, FOOTBOY!

Think about it, boy. MY FEET – staring YOU – in the FACE!


PPS – There was a reason the Indian Goddess series ENDED where it did – open ended, like my sissy hole for real men – see if you can figure it out . . .

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