I just saw a person – a KID of all things unscrewing a plastic doll. (and being helped by an adult apparently)

Now, SSC means NO KIDS! No thought of them either!

LEt me just say this for the idiots who will make the association.

Plastic dolls?

HELL YES! yes, MADAM! But no KIDS, sissy! 

and I’m being HONEST HERE. Way too many FREAKS OUT THERE!

But point of this is THIS.

That …. I was going to say the following after laughing out LOUDLY.

I caught myself in the nick of time. I didnt say it.

But what was it?

You’re screwing her in the ass!

Coz the guy who was unscrewing it for Her (the kid was too young) really looked lik ehe was doing that!

But I didnt.

I kept my mouth shut.

The kid asked why I laughed.

“Uh….uh, uh …” I fumbled.

Not with my dicklet, hehe.

(My SO tittered as I desperately tried to stop it from “coming out“)

FOOT in mouth, hehe.

“Because you’re ah, nothing, opening – and putting a battery in there!) 

But really, the “point” was right where the asshole would have, or is !

And this is a great example of how to “mind your P’s and Q’s with kids around”.

Femdom in real life, and if you need any more proof on why yours truly EVER SO HUMBLE is the BEST at it – and how YOU CAN too – well – …!

Enough said eh.

But that ain’t the only reason I like screwdrivers.

I love being screwed in the ass by real dicks, of course. 

But the drink too!

I dont like drinking it.

Mostly a BEER guy, hehe.

(with my cum in it, as Empress Cody made me do, before we slaves – she truly was the most debauched ever! brought her COLD BUDWEISERS!)

Oh my!

What a Goddess CODY IS!

The only one I call an Empress, and for good reason!

But anyway, she likes screwdrivers (all girls, actually, but Cody is more beer).

And thats yet another reason … but you know that!

On with it!


Mike Watson

PS – Paye Lagu, Madam CODY …..JI! Thank you so much for showing my shirtless picture to your husband! Yes, he’s not allowed to talk to girls, and so it SHOULD BE!

I haven’t seen his dick as yet, but I’ve written about it! Hehe.

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