The names “Sophia” and “Su” … ma’am!

These two names have always been special for me, my friend!

I dont know why – I’ve been thinking of “Su” a lot lately.

Not the Su I keep talking about mentioned so often in “Cuckold Compilations” and Sophia Bai, the perfect “au naturalle” cuckoldress ever!

I’ll still remember that balmy Friday evening in Southern China (it all happens on Fri evenings! Princess Joanie too… my!) when she messaged me with her hi, and it quickly progressed to “if you can’t satisfy me in bed I’ll find other men! But you cannot find other girls!”

So – direct!

BRUTAL – and even when we met the first time, she had another man on standby “in case I didnt meet her requirementS”. Hehe.

Anyway – more is mentioned in Sophia Bai on her.

Including how she cuckolded me with Jerome, the stuff of DREAMS!

I really need to write a seperate book – nay, tome, on Su, she deserves it.

But why just that Su?

There’s another Su I wrote about -remember?

“You want to buy me a diamond??”

I dont know if I wrote about that specific instance in the link above. I think I did!

But it was a normal conversation about something else, and she just took it to mean “I wanted to buy her a diamond”. Hehe.

So – apt – natural – brutal!

And of course, when she asked me take care of her kids “Sometimes”.

It was obvious she wanted free English lessons, but with all else, she also wanted a submissive foreign housemaid.

Basically, for these women, your job is simple, boy!

Cook, clean, and take care of their kids so they have more time to flirt with other men, and do what matters – to them! 

And of course, pay their bills.

“Be here for me when I need you is what I want, otherwise shut up!”

Princess Sophia said it so well!

And ALL the Sophia’s I’ve been with have been uber dominating, and they’ve driven me into lust like I’ve never known before my friend.

I said in Princess Joanie “she is the one“.

But I really think Princess Sophia is the one … hehe.

With all else I’ve done with her, I have not taken care of her kids as yet. Maybe someday, so humiliating, so lovely!

And she is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice!

Anyway, today was a day for trip down memory lanes, I remember both the Su’s, maybe I’ll talk to them again.

And for you, the cuckold reading this, pick up the books above my friend. Some of the best and most “sizzling hot” ever!

I’ll be back soon, I’m sure (after telling Sophia about this).


Mike Watson

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