Ive had enough of this crap!

A temperemental dude from Italy I believe replied back with this “shit”.

“I’ve had enough of this crap! I’m GONE!” 

In response to the email about Sophia Memsahib’s poo, that lovely splatter of SHIT from her holy asshole which SPLATTERED all over my face, tiny little particles of her undigested (I think fiber it was) hanging on to my stubble, that lovely pert ass staring at me.

I had kissed it enough times, so I got my just reward!

Much like I would upon kissing and licking and flicking and teasing one of those lovely real man STUD “superhero” cocks she so likes – and Madam Su so liked!

A massive load, often times either with him pumping away in my mouth – or furiously ejaculating what seemed like Niagara on to me!

That PENT up load finally being released after lots of pleasure for him, and transmitting to me by GIVING him pleasure!

Truly divine is femdom, and the women who do it.

And they have the divine right to MONEY as well, which is why (one reason) I do all this.

And if you on this list doesn’t believe in the DIVINE right of women to own, use, abuse and control us men, then you might as well leave NOW. 

If you have no intention of buying a product so I can buy (in this case Pooja) some new slippers to add on to the already overflowing shoe rack (two of them as of now) – then I’d just say bye bye if I were you .. 

But anyway, shit.

Isn’t hers HOLY?

Is it not SEXY how either the perfectly formed turd emerges from her ASSHOLE, how it puckers – and the difference in when it angrily puckers to release that massive GOLDEN shower – pun intended!

Her shit truly is like gold to me!

And I’d worship it anyday …

On that note, SSC as always, but I tread the line – figuratively and literally both – in the Pooja Memsahib series.

Grab you some now!



PS – And really, I meant what I said above!

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