The foot pose a GODDESS sent, that caused me to fork over my entire bank account!

Servant! Buy these things now!

And she sent me a TaoBao list of items to buy.  (with pictures)

(hence all the screenshots I show you!)

Nothing if not conversant with the laws of MONEY was this perfect Goddess!

First, I bought her a 35 (or maybe 40, I can’t remember) yuan red dress.

That story is mentioned in the first edition of Submissive Musings (Volume 1).

Then the next purchase was for 200 RMB!

Which was almost x10.

Remember, you multiply your blessings x10 to GET MORE!

Femdom – same thing.

If you have a dominant woman in your life, consider yourself blessed and lucky – and expect X10 more of it!

And same thing for submissives.

Madam Pearl had many men in her life too!

And she delighted in humiliating me about it, hehe.

And she did it SO well!

I still remember that lovely Chinese cock – one of them …

But anyway, don’t get me started on 10 cocks pointing at YOU right now, dropping (dripping, and the drooping ones – your job, boy!) ready to unload their heavenly substance on you, warm, treacly, running down your chin, much like Madam Sophia’s SHIT did yesterday! 

But anyway, money.

And back to it. It’s indeed the most important, as Madam Venus said.

Then the next purchase?

One of those “cycle-cum-skateboard” thingies, which was for 3000 RMB!

And then I just begged her to take control of my bank account.

That was after she asked the following one day.

“Have you got your SALARY, boy!” 

“Have you got PAID!” 

At that point, I was still 99% there, and not 100%.

I was foolish enough to think she only wanted my money.


But yes!

And if thats your type of findomina, well, the Submissive Musings series will be of great use to you.

Last, but not least, if you just pass over it thinking “oh, he’s trying to sell”, well, thats great.

I am – but if you dont want to help yourself – youll never find the findomina of your dreams. And let’s face it.

If you had – you wouldn’t be here most likely!


Mike Watson

PS – Along with findom, remember to pick up the guide to attracting femdom on auto pilot right here.

PS #2 – Almost forgot the foot pose!

One of them is mentioned in Submissive Musings – Volume ONe. It’s even SHOWN – yes, the actual PHOTO.

The other? Well, it’s two feet together, the soles pointing at each other, with a purple chain around ’em!

And yes, that is shown too (a variant of it)!

Grab now.

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