I couldn’t find lotion – so I used oil!

Dear Reader,

Oh boy. My dreams have been going into overdrive as of late, as have events in my REAL life!

Last night was another one of those nights where I had not one – not two – but several vivid dreams.

The first one involved, among many other things me being made to “kiss a girls foot” (although to be honest I wanted to do it anyway – and the foot was as pretty as any other I’ve seen!) – – and then the girl taking pictures, and humiliating me publicly – or so the dream said.

And as she did that, and circulated the photos throughout the “office” (in my dream) (and yes, I’ve written about precisely this sort of thing before in my stories too – “Garima Madam – the Prequel” being one of them) … I was left feeling humiliated and embarassed – or so I thought!

My “boss” in the dream told me (as I burst into tears!) that it was all ok, and it happens.

And a part of me in the dream was telling other colleagues too – “oh, that’s ok! There’s nothing shameful about kissing a woman’s foot!”

And so forth – – and while I won’t get into the rest of it here, suffice it to say that foot worship, blackmail, and humiliation were key aspects of said dream.

Now, the second dream?

Well, long story short – there was an older lady (the first was a group of younger ladies mockingly looking on as I kissed one pair of feet) – the older lady’s heels were cracked, and you know what that means for yours truly, don’t you?

Those heels better not show a single crack, footboy! Get to work! 

And as I scurried around trying to find peppermint scented foot lotion in the cabinet – horror of all horrors – I couldnt!

“Madam, may I please use oil”, I asked timidly?

“You may!”

She was standing on the bed for whatever reason in the dream, and as I returned with the oil …

“Madam, would you like me to sit on the bed, or … ”

“No, footboy! I’m going to sit on the bed and you’re going to be on the floor – looking up at my soles – the way it should be!” 

These words rang out clearly and crisply in the dream, albeit in a strange language, and as I started massaging her feet with oil, she relaxed – and I woke up.

I don’t know if the oil part was due to a nigh sexy video I saw the other day of a Pakistani lady forcing her two servants to massage her feet – and humiliating them adroitly while she was at it – – and believe me, it was all I could do to keep from erupting right there and then as I heard her words – – this despite me NOT touching myself in any way whatsoever!

The lady wasn’t especially good looking. She was an older lady, perhaps 50 or so – but age doesn’t matter, my friend – and neither do looks – it’s the look in the eye, and her innate dominance that really matters – – and that really needs to be brought to the fore!

In real life, meanwhile, I met an interesting lady out there the other day who refers me to as a “young piece of meat”.

“Fresh meat” she once giggled, and as I’ve been talking to her, her meaning becomes more and more clear.

She wants a boy toy – and preferably one that serves her than the other way around!

And of course, she has a 27 year old daughter – who I’m slated to meet for lunch (with her mom, of course ;)) in a few days. We will see how that goes – I’ll keep you updated.

Shades of “Owned by Madam Aa Ling”, perhaps?

Perhaps, my friend, perhaps – and as I end this little note – I’ll leave you be with reader feedback on that book – –

During the Great Recession, Michael, an IT ,professional is laid off. He diligently searches for a job and happens upon an advertisement for teaching English in China. As his options in the US run out, he applies for a teaching job and flies out to China, where he is set up by Jesse, a Chinese coordinator, in an apartment, introduced to the school where he will teach and he begins teaching.

Michael is out of shape, fairly typical of IT workers and really admires Chinese women. For fun, he visits Chinese brothels and drinks too much. Then he runs into Aa Ling. 

She oozes sexuality, even though she does not measure up to his standards of beauty and their first meeting leaves him unsatisfied. During the course of their relationship, she places him in a position of inferiority that builds as his desires for her are never completely quenched. She takes him in hand and starts to improve his physique somewhat molding him to her liking.

The author tells this story from Michael’s perspective and builds wonderfully on his desires and fetishes, many planted into his mind by the imperious Aa Ling.


Mike Watson

P.S. – If you’re looking for the dominant lady of your dreams, but haven’t found her as yet, chances are excellent and second to NONE that you’re approaching this the WRONG way, my friend. Grab the how to manual on this and rectify right NOW – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/for-true-male-subs/

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