The perfect Chinese GODDESS that put her feet up on a Starbucks table in public!!

I dont know when it was. Perhaps in 2013.

And I thought I wrote about it before, and I probably have, but I couldnt’ find it, and being Madam Milly’s face is still at the forefront of my mind (I really think I should get on a bus right now to Shenzhen where she lives, and grovel before her while handing over my credit cards to her in public!)

How dare I NOT know she had that Wechat group!!

I’m so sorry, Madam! Please do forgive me!

You’re so nice anyway, Madam! Thank you so much for being an utter you know what to me, and I MEAN EVERY WORD OF THIS!!

Your face is still in front of me as I write this, your lovely beady KNOWING eyes are LOOKING STRAIGHT AT ME, Perfect Goddess Milly!

You’re so perfect!

But anyway, there was this link (news) about a Chines elady that apparently walked into a Starbucks and put her feet up on the table without bothering to ask the waitress if that was ok (obviously not, hehe) and without bothering to see who was around.

She had a couple of highly annoying DOGS with her.

Hmm! Lovely Miss V’s friend Princess Sophia for one, who I wrote about LAST NIGHT, and who got her own back at me, and how!

The wheel always turns full circle!! And she DID get her own back at me, and I remember the beating she gave me and I took for laughing at her dogs!!

Poochie in particular (anyway, it’s mentioned in the story!).

And a man sitting next to her objected.

One thing led to another, and he asked her to take her feet down, and said her dogs were bothering him, and she declined.

Spat straight in her face in public!

And the cops were eventually called, and she was led away, but really!!

If I was there, I’d polish her shoes for her. I’d PAY – nay, BEG TO PAY for her coffee! And I’d get her not one, but TWO chairs for both her feet!

No, she wasn’t anything great to look at it, but do I care?

Hell no. IT’s the vibe that counts, and sh ewas literally doing femdom in REAL LIFE as it should be – because women deserve it and they truly are superior, and they RULE over everyone, and everything!!!!!!

And the Chinese mainland, as I’ve said before is the PERFECT place for any sort of femdom in real life, and if you’re receptive to it in real life like I am (but you have to be conditioned before, boys!) then you’ll have femdom, true femdom, buzzing around you like FLIES.

Big time!

And on that note ..

There was once a case (true case) which even I don’t think was “on” where a lady pulled her pants and :”went” right there (yes, what you’re thinking!) right on the floor of the subway station.

All captured on camera, and she left her “prize” behind for all to clean, but I still remember thinking.

Madam, I’d clean that off the floor for you! You’re so perfect!

That doesnt mean I support THAT act, but still. Women are so perfect, and they deserve all the worship they get and then some!

Then there was what I wrote about in Empress Cody.

A lady SLAPPING her husband in full view of scores of people when lined up at the Hong Kong – China immigration border.

And he was taking it!

Then what I wrote about a girl making a guy GROVEL in front of her, pay for her drinks etc, all the while humiliating and degrading him verbally (yes, like Princess Joanie did to ME!).

And later, another guy in a swanky car comes by and picks her up, and off she goes!

Such is life in china.

Such is as it should be!

Princess Milly, Paye Lagu! You DESERVE IT! EVERY BIT!


Mike Watson

PS – HERE is where you can read MORE about Chinese ladies dominating us men like we truly DESERVE to be (sissified men mind you) –

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