The “how to” manual for the true male sub

Dear Reader,

Well, well, WELL! It’s been a while coming – hasn’t it?

No puns intended here, hehe and I’m not just referring to my latest blog post – the last one was like in November IIRC, so it’s certainly been a while “coming” – – but I’m referring to my most recent book as well.

Or should I say manual, and upon second thoughts that is precisely what I should say  it is, because that IS what it IS.

ALL my other femdom related works are fiction – – this one is NOT.

And without further ado – – it is this — “The Complete Guide to understanding dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland … for the truly submissive male“.

That last part is important, my dear reader. This has NOT been written for those looking to “top from the bottom” – and neither has it been written for those merely “looking to get their rocks off” (although truth be told if you’re truly submissive you’ll probably be hard as a rock reading it – I was while writing it!).

Who has this been written for?

Well, for the countless number of men who for whatever reason can’t quite incorporate the femdom element into their relationships.

As the title states, it’s been written for men currently in relationships with Chinese ladies from mainland China, and YES, as with most of my writing what I’ve got to say holds true for this particular sub-category of lovely ladies but other hand – and truth be told – most of it is applicable to ladies anywhere in the world regardless of ethnic origin.

Controversial? YES. Thought provoking? Probably …

Brutally frank? YES! And last, but not least – – is Watson keeping it real – – more so than he does in the books?

YES – and the section at the end is a raw, unfiltered, UNEDITED snippet from some of the numerous and most pleasurable experiences in my past. Take that for what you will – but it should put the entire manual – including the tips in further and required context as well!

The manual is available right HERE – – 

OK – that’s it for now. I’m off for now – but I’ll be updating this blog more often – and more frequently – stay tuned!


Mike Watson

P.S. – If you haven’t already, do take a gander at my Chinese Femdom (novellas) compilation right here – –

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