What is Viagara?

Many (well, not that many but it seems like many!) when yours truly was teaching “ESL” – which I do NOT do – and HATE with a passion for the most part (unless I get paid well), a bunch of curious 7 year olds were watching “Brightside” videos on Youtube.

(something I hate as well, the channel. Not so much the videos, which actually seem pretty creative)

And there was something about Viagara mentioned.

(I believe it was about medicines or something that video…)

And a girl curiously asked me.

“What is Viagara?”

Um …

I sidestepped the question.

“It ah, it’s just it”, I finished lamely. (true sissy, hehe). 

She went on in her own vein.

Great kid she was!

“Something about losing the ability to love”.

And she looked away. That was that.

But it brought to mind memories. Hehe. 

Yours truly’s SO telling him the following … 

“You only like man’s cock!

You can never give me what I want!

You can never ever satisfy me in BED!” 

Does that above part sound familiar to YOU on this list?

I bet it does, hehe.

Thing is, we sissies don’t need Viagara to get our cocks up. 

*does that resonate*? 

I bet it does, hehe.

we just need cocks, nipples, balls, and …well, sissygasms!

And more cock, hehe, and femdom.

These girls are so gorgeous all of ’em, and all we need is to be DOMINATED, SISSIFED, and HUMILIATED BY THEM!

Like never before …

And the girl that did it the best was Princess Joanie!

Click on over, and read about here in the above link!


Mike Watson

PS – Remember to pick up Humiliation Central right HERE.

PS #2 – To stay hard ALLL day long, to have that VIBE, even more so than the STUDS – well – avail yourself of NIPPLEGASMS! and SISSYGASMS! now!

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