The effect his lovely long DONG has on me…

I’ve written before about how if there is ONE thing that can keep sissies and cuckolds hard forever (who can’t stay hard AT ALL otherwise, especially not thinking “real sex”) – its .. long, real man PENIS and domination – either male or female!

And a combo of both with lovely soles – usually either male or female – is enough do to the trick!

The lovely dong I’ve seen as of late, when I talk to Mistress Rachna, perfect Goddess that she is, feet up, always yelling on the phone, possibly the bitchiest woman I’ve ever had the privelege and honor of being with (or under!) … THAT is the dong I talk about the most!

Theres plenty of lovely cocks, Master Wang – and the ones described in Penis Central – and many others!

But nothing prepared for this slim sexy man’s dong!


I wrote an ode to it before here … Actually, I wrote several odes to it!

I can’t get that penis out of my head (big, small – both, pun!) , every morning, every night, as I LUST after worshipping her feet, her ass, pressing them, giving her long massages, being forced to wash the dishes, be humiliated in front of Rachna’s friends and so forth … that DONG is forefront in my mind, I so wish she could try it!

Just look at it.



As I pressed her feet today, washed them, gave her her daily pedicure, as she completely ignored me while on the phone, as I gave her head YET again, as I pressed her head (it’s hurting!!!) – I didnt talk much at all, but I was leaking all throughout, and then suddenly, as she allowed me to kiss her pussy after I really begged?

I thought of his dong!

And I couldn’t help it, I erupted in my PANTS!

His dong is so nice, that HEAD!

You’d think after that massive load (I had to wait until I washed her feet to take the picture so some of that load, it was massive, I didnt even touch my nipples!! Cross between a ruined orgasm and sissygasm … I’d be exhausted.

But I wasn’t!

Thats the beauty of no orgasms for the male.

But even so, normally I’d take a while to get horny again, but now?

It took me nary a MINUTE as I launched into a workout, again, that dong was first in my mind!

I squatted up and down, up and down, that lovely penis swinging in front of me, almost, and as I thought about telling my S.O. Madam, PLEASE, PLEASE let me slob it on for you, PLEASE, PLEASE let him take you, PLEASE, PLEASE call me a faggot and gay more, PLEASE, PLEASE make me wait upon you more for the most mundane of things as you always do – and so forth? 

I got hard again!

HE’s such a God, She is too, I’d eat their shit if they asked me to!

Told me to… Hehe.


I didnt do that even for the regal Pooja, but I came close!

But that is the effect penis – especially those long ones have on sissies, so INVIGORATING, the sight!

It’s one thing to get turned on by it, stay turned on, but the best part?

It helps us sisssies stay hard, normally we never ever could! And we recover INSTANTLY, like magic – I Dont care for me if I’ve had a real orgasm or sissygasm, if I see his penis in front of me after that, I’m hard again in a trice!

As Madam Megan said, “you probably dont like women”.


Dont I?

I’ll let the jury be OUT on that one! 😉

And that, my friend, is the best part of it as those penises then make out in a way we never could, but we clean them up like they would never want to!

It’s so nice, I wish I could smooch his penis thank you, kiss each toe on his royal feet 10 times, and then beg to kiss his penis shaft ALL DAY! 


Paye Lagu, Malik – Your penis did such magic on me, and continues to!



PS – Penis loving “how to” available in compilation format too. A lot of you sissies haven’t got the book yet – I dont get “why”? If you’re a real cock lover, you’ll want this book – NOW.

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