Why being her SOULMATE, and nothing else should be a #1 priority for every cuck and sissy out there!

If you’re serious about the above two things that is.

And it’s also in a way one of the quickest roads to FEMDOM, true femdom, and getting her to reveal, and revel in that delicious dominant side of hers that all ladies have.

And progress on to “more” if you so choose!

And it’s common sense really, but looking at the number of frustrated men out there who despite my advice in the book I wrote, and in these emails, and in general, seem to be unable to attract true femdom to themselves – even when they’re in places like mainland China!

And the reasons are many.

Conditioning. Thinking. And lots of times, guys equate femdom with “one quick jerk”.

“I just want to get off her to her soles while she talks “down to me”” is NOT Femdom, boys!

And you ladies reading this know that, of course. . .

Anyway, I wrote about being a soulmate for Princess Sophia. And I still AM.

She has never given me sex, never sucked my dick, and talks about other “rich and successful” men all the time, and I love her for it!

But anyway, moving on to my most recent friend Goddess 7.

I’m privelged to call her a “friend!” ?

But I prefer Goddess, and as she said this “What a sweet boy that do those things for me!” I just HAD to write about this again.

“How can you be my female friend, boy!” she laughed at me (after I bought her the makeup, and a “beer” as she wanted, and then got around to talking more).

“You’re a man”, she giggled.

“Cook for you, Madam. That favorite spicy beef you so like! Clean for you. Cook, clean, press your feet, do the housework, do all the girly things for you” ….

Punctuated by a ton of giggles of course. Us sissies LOVE to giggle! ?

And the important thing to note it isn’t just “talk”.

Now, here’s the point of writing this and why all you aspiring cucks and sissies NEED to take this to heart.

One, being a soulmate removes any and all need to have actual “sex”.

You know, actual REAL MAN sex that all ladies crave! ? And that you sissies can’t provide them with …

IT frees you up to talk about your basest sissy desires.

If frees you to constantly leak and have her laughing at you (as Goddess 7 is at me right now).

And of course, as Goddess likes to say.

“Talk about black dick as well”, she giggled away.

It frees you to talk about cocks as well, and worshipping them! ?

And despite these obvious benefits, guys end up with the lame “Goddess please dominate me” lines and guess what happens.

A big fat nothing and the guys ending up getting blocked.

Anyway, these, and OTHER secrets are mentioned in my book on attracting femdom to you in all it’s shapes, forms and guises.

And for you guys out there that are miraculously STILL unavailable to find femdom … well, THIS is the book for you.

Grab it now, implement the advice, and watch your life change before your very eyes!


Mike Watson

PS – While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out my latest and BEST course on cock worship – right HERE!

PS #2 – Not to mention, as I said on Twitter this morning, male soulmates have a way of AMUSING these lovely women SO! Which is what makes it SO WORTH IT!

(if you ever wonder why a lot of women want “male friends”, thats why, hehe – not bozos, but “male friends!”).

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