Face masks that look like mini .. PANTIES

Empress Cody thinks the holidays are boring (in China right now, it’s Chinese New YEar).

IF it were me ?

“Madam, I should be entertaining you” is what I told her!

And I did plenty of that, God(dess) knows!

But I also told her the following (since she is out on her walk) .

With her “servant aka husband”!

Whose dick I said I never saw.

Partly true, because it was always either down my throat, or in my ASS.

Mine was down his thoat as well often. It amused the Empress to see two men together, and I dont blame her!

Men like it.

Why not women, BOY! 


(and on that note, I want Empress’s “main servant’s pubes down my throat now. Really! He had a nice Chinese COCK!)

Actually, us sissy boys DO have fun, hehe. Madam Wendy for one knew that!

Hence the oh so natural “I’ll take you to a sissy bar, boy!”

Gay bar, whatever.

But anyway, my SO just showed up.

With facemasks in hand, that I never ever wear …

Here, she said thrusting it at me impatiently.

“Take it if you want it, BOY!” she yelled. 

But why, i asked her timidly.

Valid question given I never wear masks.

And then it caught my eye.

Oh, because they’re panties I said.

“No, you fool!”

And she might as well have been Princess Sophia, so dominantly did she use the word “fool” I almost creamed my blue panties!

I’m truly BLESSED!

To have an SO like that, and I keep seeing the number three amongst others, and wearing blue, and …

But anyway, lets put the spiritual aside.

The masks were FOLDED,

But from a distance, and indeed close distance, they look like panties!

“Stop using your imagination, you idiot!” giggled my SO. 

She’s right.

But panties on my nose – especially worn ones. 

Condoms – USED ones in my ass and MOUTH!

And that heavenly jizz bucketing down on your face. 

Or mine, I should say. 

I am – GOB – pun – SMACKED!

And pun again!

Back soon!

I love cum!


Sissy Mike Watson

PS – Learn how to be the perfect sissy for her HERE.

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