Why I love my nipples SO MUCH!

Because P spot aside, my friend, there is no other spot on the body which gives a man more pleasure, hehe.

I say “man” with quotes for me. 😉

but really, end of the day I’m a man too … hehe. Albeit a cucked and submissive one!

But thats what I WANT, and I’m very happy with it!

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And often times, people talk about the “cock” or the cock head – or the balls being the Holy Grail in terms of pleasuring a man, but they miss the above two areas – where a man can get real PLEASURE!

REAL pleasure!

And REPEATED pleasure – repeated orgasms!

Most men know this, of course, but the “am I gay” conundrum which I wrote about in Cuck Central and many other bestselling courses on this stop them.

Big mistake.

But I’ve said that before.

Point is this.

When I try to have regular sex, I fail miserably. My “long phimotic” dick can’t even get hard!

As I’ve written about SO MANY times.

But when confronted with cocks, asses, balls, women’s soles, feet, fingers, legs …

The opposite!

And that FLICK of the nipples combined with that LOOK in the eye sends me into literally PARAXOYMS of delight and pure CARNAL LUST that even the P spot experience would be hard pressed to beat!

And good things, with nipples, you can either use them vanilla or bdsm.

BDSM – tweak, pull, tug, torture, etc.

But vanilla?

Well, many times in a “vain” attempt to keep me hard, Madam Ashley would flick my nipples while having sex, and instantly – DONG!

But it wouldn’t work for too long …

I don’t know why.

The “missionary” position, it would work, but there too, not for too long …

I Dont know.

I’m a cuck and sissy at heart.

But I do know that nipple play is something all men, vanilla or not, straight or gay or big or small or what not or bi (hehe that came out as big) should TRY.

It truly is worth it.


Mike Watson

PS – And that is why I put out Nipplegasm Central! – possibly one of my best courses as yet. Grab it NOW.

(Price going up on this one shortly, so hurry. And remember, the Watson faithful membership gets you FREE access to all downloads digitally).

PS #2 – Nipples are also one of the fastest ways to AROUSE a man or woman – if you do it right – even in biting cold weather! Pun intended, hehe.

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