Why it’s a pity I hardly ever check my WeChat anymore …

I’m SOO busy – really busy, hehe.

And I never got on social media much to begin with, but last November, I quit it all.

And WeChat?

Well, for reasons you KNOW, my friend, I didn’t completely get off it,but despite the barrage of LOVELY Queens sending me messages on there, I don’t check it all that often either.


New products (the one on nipplegasms is a MUST GRAB)

And more!

And customers of course, and reviews, and translations, hehe.

Now, what do I mean?

Well, perfect Madam Susan sent me a message at 10:06 PM last night, or perhaps 12:36 AM this morning, depending upon how you look at it!

The first adds up to 7.

The second adds up to … 3.

And, why am I adding?

Not necessarily because of between 7PM – 9PM message I received on the dumb phone, hehe.

But anyway, here is what Madam said, and here is why it caused genuine regret.


Can not sleep now as one cup of tea”

My reply about a bazillion hours later (right about now, before telling YOU)

Hi Madam Susan! Tea shouldn’t give you insomnia?? It’s a pity I checked this now. Haha. Otherwise, I could press your feet, hopefully you could sleep.


grin grin grin

And thank you for remembering me when you’re bored. You’re such a QUEEN!

Well, thats self explanatory, but feet and soles aside, because I CHERISH every opportunity I get to talk to this lovely GODDESS, this FEMALE FORCE OF NATURE!

This true QUEEN!!

This older lady!

She’s usually busy, so …

and tea giving Madam insomnia?

How dare I not be there to press her feet – and most importantly – talk to her when she cant sleep, boy!

And on that note, I;m out. Back soon!


Mike watson

PS – Paye Lagu, Madam Susan! Please do forgive me for the late reply!!

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