I’ll crush you under my feet like a cockroach, boy!

So according to an older friend of mine said a lady who we will call “Miss V”,hehe, at the Indian school I attended when growing up- when I wasn’t cutting class that is, which was most of the time, hehe.

Miss V Beauty Salon, you ask?


Madam Vandana ? Her lovely feet, by far the loveliest in that school?


Lets just call her “Madam V”, hehe. And no, it isn’t perfect Madam Vixen from the UK either, though she’s drop dead gorgeous and a slave owner if ANY!!!

What perfection!

Paye Lagu,, Madam VIXEN … JI!

And on that note, Indian ladies.

Even the “fatter” and so called not attractive ladies in India have the sexiest feet!

I see it all the time. Park benches. Maids sitting around with dusty, uncared for feet – and BROAD SOLES!

During one of my soujourns to India, I still remember two FAT ladies coming up. REAL FAT.

Obese. I was in a park.

And they came up to the swings or something, but those feet, those lovely feeet!

So well cared for, so well pedicured, servants probably at their beck and call, and you’d call me crazy for doing so but dominance wasn’t even understated – it was SAGE!


And I wanted to drop down right there, and kiss their TOES one by one and proclaim the ROAD and Earth lucky for having their FEET ON IT because it’s true!

And crushing me like a cockroach?

Die, bitch die! (Goddess Brittany – I’m not sure if she’s still around!) 

Are you willing to pay a little more, footboy? I can dominate you very well like you deserve to be!

SO TRUE! She was and is a Goddess incarnate too!!

And if there ever was heaven, it’s under her soleS!

Madam Susan, you’re thebest. PayeLagu!


Mike Watson

PS – And again, if you’re on this list for freebies alone – please – DO LEAVE. Lots of you have been on since 2018 and haven’t bought a single product. Thats fine – but please find another list to haunt. Else she might just “crush you like a cockroach”, hehe.

And I’ll hold the door for ya too! 😉

But really, friend. Why BE on a list if you never have any intention of getting anything? Sage eh?

PS #2 – Maybe thats why the “ghost” haunted me in the dream last night, hehe. Well, I’m putting it to rest NOW.

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