Why Madam Pearl had it SO SPOT ON – pun! – about “plugging me in the ass”

And keeping me plugged – permanently!

“Plug you in the ass too, boy!” she once said triumphantly. 

I believe she asked me first, but the way she giggled when she asked me, detailed in Submissive Musings in Mainland China – Volume One? 

Well, she KNEW! SHE TRULY KNEW, did Madam!

“Are you into BDSM” she giggled too. 



Those are her feet and SOLES that drove me so nuts as she looted my MONEY – incrementally, 20, 200, then 2000 – then 3000!

“I hope you can buy me this, boy!”

She KNEW I WOULD – she was referring to one of those moped thingies, you know, skateboard type thingies you can use to get around, you see, Madam didnt like to use her feet for walking, but she was more than happy to dress up in high heels for sexy MEN!

And their cocks… I so loved!

On that note, she was right about keeping my butt plugged at all times.

It’s a CARDINAL rule – probably there in Sissy Central too along with m any other (and even more important, I believe) sissy rules.

And … just why is it so important for sissies to keep their butts plugged at all times?

Not so much the FEELING of being filled – leaking all day – and if it’s a vibrating sissy plug, even better … all this, yes, but most of all?

The feeling of being a WOMAN – and MOST importantly!


Lock, stock – and BARREL IN ASS, boy!

Good boy – you ARE – especially if that cock is locked too!

Men used to lock women up in ancient times so “other men” couldn’t get in.

SO BAD, the women couldn’t even go to pee if they wanted to, and now, with the role reversal, so NICE, so RIGHT, the way it should be!

Women should have many men, we all know that!

And the vast majority of men like us, cucks and sisses shoudl not just be locked and denied, NEVER getting real orgasms, only sissygasms, nipplegasms and the such, but also remember that the butt plug serves as a sign of … OWNERSHIP!

Even other women and men will hesitate once they tear your pants off, sissy, and they find a butt plug in that hole!

Of course, Ma’am may allow them to take it out, but it’s her CHOICE, which is what makes it so sexy!

anyway, I was going to title this post “10 signs you can spot a true SISSY” – or something like that, but it “came” out this way, so be it. I believe it’s better this way. Hehe.

But let me try once …

… or, well, just read Sissy Central – if you’re doing all of that, or TRULY WANT TO, then you’re a true sissy!

But one more is what I mentioned above, butt plugs?

And the last, perhaps equally important?

Is to not just BE OWNED but own a copy of the PREMIER book on sissygasms

Even you studs and Madams should get this, it’s that damn good – and HOT! (it was banned from Amazon for being “too hot”).

It’s available in paperback too, if you want!

Thats a TRUE test of being a sissy, my friend, all the above – but also, that you have all the books and manuals you’ve learned ASSIDOUSLY from, from the real Mc Coy of femdom, sissydom, and everything fetish related!

And that says it all, it truly does.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – The Volume of Submissive Musings dedicated to her is currently being translated into Spanish, Italian and German – amongst more! – by a certain lovely lady Paula who LOVES the tale!

Submissive Musings


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