No bored harassment … BOY! (vs “I welcome harassment!”….BOY!)

The polar opposites, you might think!

But as I talk to Ms. Miya and another lovely older lady (those older ladies are so, so, gorgeous for yours truly SISSIFIED and they put me in my PLACE with ONE LOOK!) .. .on a social media network NOT known for what I’m writing about here, I gotta say it.

You on this list will remember Michelle, a lovely Taiwanese and older lady.

She posted a job in a WeChat group I administered.

It was translated from Chinese to English.

(Smack! Madam Susan. Learn my language, BOY!)

(Smack! Ms. Priyanka! “Hindi seekh le!” SMACK!)

And I did eventually learn a bit of both languages at their feet, hehe.

Maybe “Dani” will be kind enough to teach me MORE spanish than what I know while (if) I’m ever at HER feet. Hehe.


We will see!

But anyway, she basically ended her post with “no bored harassment”!

Might as well have said BOY!

Her import was clear. Either do business, or “fuck off”.

And she’s right, hehe.

Too many bozos out there troubling women and wanting to be “their servants” right off the bat. I wrote about that Goddess and a true lovely dominant force of Nature Josie before.

And that lovely Goddess was being pestered once by an idiot of this nature.

Who got blocked asap, of course … Hehe.

So she should!

Anyway, this morning I read a note on the social media network I referred to from .. ah, I forget the name again. I’m too lazy to scroll up, but after introducing herself Madam said “Welcome harassment!”

And she might as well have said ….BOY!

Either give me BUSINESS, or don’t talk to me is what she meant.

She is SO RIGHT.

Chinese girls are so AWESOME, so practical, and such GODDESSES!

And to learn to attract these lovely ladies into your life on AUTO PILOT – well – the BEST book on doing it is right here – A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China”.

It’s been making waves – along with the book on RUINED ORGASMS.

Which a couple of serial refunders have been having hey days with.

And to end,I gotta say this (or two things).

If you’re too CHEAP to actually invest in products or courses or books on this list, then do yourself a huge massive favor – – and LEAVE.

If you’re like Thomas last year who “wanted me to introduce girls to him” – sorry, no. Ain’t happening.

I ain’t no pimp daddy. Not here I’m not. Hehe.

Sissy Girly maybe …

(The head sissy, hehe. Pun intended!) 

And last, but not least, you serial refunders that buy and then refund within an hour or so of purchase after “skimming” – – please do me a HUGE favor and look elsewhere.

Regardless of money or not, biz or not, I don’t want you or ANYONE of your ilk ANYWHERE near my business. It’s negative energy and all my sites are about positivity and faith at the end of the day.

If you ain’t got that, go “haunt” another site.

And on that cheery note, I’m out.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – I should be putting up the “no bored harassment sign” outside my door too, hehe. The amount of idiotic and inane requests I get. Some idiot badgered me the other day about “send me pictures of your legs”. Huh??

(And after putting the picture up, I should kiss Michelle’s feet and thank her! She’s such a GODDESS!)

(It’s so much fun to treat women as Queens and Goddesses – – truly so. If only more men would get it, hehe).

(Maybe some here will!)

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