Why this guru doesnt cater to EL CHEAPOS

You on this list likely know that I’v ebeen calling out the CHEAPSKATES and do nothings – for a damn good reason.

These people sign up for my list (s) and then “want me to introduce girls to them so they can play with them” and “then and only then pay me”. 

Sorry, bro, but if THAT is YOU – well – the DOOR is right there.

If you’re here, on the other hand to learn from … ah, but wait.

Remember the fitness biz which Miss V owns?

Well, Goddess owns it, gets the money from it, but I do the WORK.

Put out the products.

And a customer recently called me (one amongst many) a “bodyweight exercise GURU”. 

Thats right – GURU. 

And a MASTER as well. 

He didnt say it in the sense you’re thinking obviously.

But I AM a Master of the game when it comes to femdom, and you KNOW that.

Not only is the proof in the pudding, but I cannot for one fathom why you on this list wouldn’t want to learn at the FEET of a true Guru, a true Master at this!

Hell, I can’t even figure it out. . .

… unless you’re a pure “Freebie or thrill seeker”: …

Which is fine.

But in that case, neither SE or PLM is for you …

.. and if you need me to tell what either one of the above is – sigh,

And bye!

But anyway, for those that get it, learn at your MASTER’s feet – and NO, not THAT type of Master, hehe.

But when it comes to knowledge of femdom and related things?

I truly AM a Master, hehe.

As Carol said, “my king”

I’m not.

But I think you get my point.

And you dont even have to sit at my feet, hehe.

Start by clicking the order button right HERE my friend.

Otherwise, really. Why are you on the list anyway if you’ll never BUY anything?


I think so, hehe.


Mike Watson

PS – Go HERE to pick up some femdom books.

(on second thoughts, and if you’re a lookie lou reading this, please DON’T. Please UNSUBSCRIBE. Seriously, this sissy here BEGS you to do so if thats you!)

PS #2 – Please do NOT email me back asking me to be your “Master“. I’m not interested!

(Make it worth my – her – our time, hehe)

(not really!)

PPS – But really, and rants aside, WHY would someone not want to learn if they’re NOT int he category above??  Write back and PLEASE do tell me!

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