Sissy head, head sissy, and ALPHA MALE!

I just had a funny (oh, sorry, QUEER, hehe) thought.

Us sissies and faggots have ’em all the time!

Just this morning I was thinking about asking a lovely SPanish lady about her lover’s COCK.

Madam, does he have a big cock?

Now, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind given we’ve been chatting a while, but on the other hand, I didnt ask. Hehe.

But she KNOWS!

And that question will come at some point. For now, I’m content being “peppered by Madam’s questions!”.




And she’s the translator for the book on ruined orgasms, and “A complete guide to understanding dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland“, and perhaps many more.

Now, anyway . . . Thomas asked me last year on this site about “I’ll only pay you on Wechat, and only if you introduce me to girls Ican play with” (before getting upset that I wrote about cuckolding and men sucking dicks).


The response to him has been well documented.

One, girls aren’t there for you to play with. If they want, they’ll do it. If you can’t make them “want”, well, pick up the BOOK on it. If you’re too cheap to do that well, you’re at the WRONG PLACE.

To his credit, he unsubscribed almost instantly . . .

And two, no custom payments my friend.

You either pay via Paypal or Bitcoin. In the future I might set credit card functionality up, but given the nature of the biz, I’m not sure how many providers would agree. But you can pay via CC through your Paypal, so it’s not a big deal, but if it is, email me, and I’ll have “invoices” sent out to you you can pay via credit card.

No excuses, my friend.

You know it! Hehe.

Anyway yours truly is usually called “pimp daddy” in real life, and thats name numero 1119 on a very long list of names I’ve been calle dother than that, most NOT complimentary. Hehe.

But really.

At heart, I’m a sissy girl. 

I love to giggle. I love to wear pink panties. I love my ass being invaded. I love suckin dick

Giving blowjobs. Painting nails. 

Talking to her “about her husband” (Princess Sophia often does this).

BEing her BFF.

I LOVE the last! 

I LOVE being friend zoned, hehe, because that way I get to press her feet, head, shoulders – server her – and SHE gets to NOT have sex with me. 

Her way or the highway, and I’ll happily take her Goddess like way!

And alpha male?

Looking at me outwardly, you’d think anything BUT me being a sissy, or any of the things I mention above.

It’s quite possible.

Curiously enough, ONE attracts the other IF you’re open to it.

And that is ANOTHER secret I mention in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland“.

Grab this NOW, my friend. Truly truly worth it!


Mike Watson

PS – Believe me, some of the manliest men, fierce fighters in REAL LIFE would happily go down on a knee for their women. So it should be!

PS #2 – Sissies give GREAT head. Trust me! Even the head sissies, hehe.

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