The first thing you should do for her in the mornings!

Dear Reader,

When I’m in bed with a woman (when she allows me to be, of course!;)) – thoughts of actual sexual intercourse are the last thing on my mind – as you might imagine, of course!

Most of the times when I’m with a woman the last thing I do before lopping off to sleep is to do what I’ve written about extensively in my books – – that being to “press her feet”.

Often times ladies have wondered why exactly I was so eager to press their feet and not, as a certain lovely lady “Anne” once asked me, “enter her” when I had the opportunity.

How could I tell this lovely Chinese lass that I’d lose part of what makes me so eager to serve her once I “entered” her – – and of course, I’d be breaking my self professed – and imposed – vows on chastity as well!

The hornier a man is, the more servile he is – and if there is one thing I’ve emphasized in all my novels and actual COURSES, it is this.

Control a man’s orgasm, and you literally control him – – on a level you never imagined possible before!

Mike Watson

Anyway, I’m of the firm belief as a lot of achievers in life are – – that our last thoughts before we go to bed – – and our FIRST thoughts when we wake up in the morning are what really dictate our life’s realities in many regards, and fulfillment – or not – of those thoughts/desires are really the acid test of whether or not one is truly “happy” in one’s own life.

Or, perhaps the test of “whether or not one has arrived” – or is on the way there!

Often times when in bed with a woman, I’d wake up at night, and see a lovely leg outstretched from under the covers, soles visible in full view as the girl slept comfortably, usually with the air conditioner buzzing (white noise as it were).

And the first thing I’d do in my groggy state would be to start massaging her feet, most of the times not even stopping to think about why I was doing so!

Sometimes the lady would awaken, and giggle, and pull me back beside her in bed. Sometimes she’d smile “knowingly” while half asleep and turn over on her stomach and continue sleeping – – indeed a most erotic experience if there ever WAS one!

And sometimes it would lead to more – – but most of the time, it was a foot massage in the middle of the night, and it would continue for a while, and I’d have erotic dreams when I finally lopped off to sleep!

And the first thing I’d do would be this – to massage her feet for a while right before she woke up.

That’s right. It wouldn’t matter if she had a busy day ahead or if we had all day to “play” – – right when she’s in that state between completely waking up and a “semi asleep” state – – is the best time to “press her feet”!

Believe me, even if you aren’t into femdom or tired from physical activity, there is something incredibly soothing about having your soles massaged the right way first thing in the morning. The soles, of course contain connections to the rest of the body and those of you that are into reflexology will know what I’m talking about, but for those of you that aren’t – just try it – or have it done to you – and let me know how you feel!

And the other benefit?

Well, as I’ve said – – and as great minds throughout the ages have said, it’s the FIRST thought of the day that really counts – – and its usually a thought that pops into our heads without conscious thought as well.

THAT is what you truly want, and nary a morning has passed by without me wanting to massage a woman’s feet – whether I’m with her physically or not!

When I’m not with the lovely Princess Yvonne, I send my thoughts her away – at her feet.

When I’m WITH her, or any lady, I’ll automatically massage her feet for a while the first thing in the morning.

Not only does looking at and rubbing her soles first thing in the morning give me a giant hard on (unfulfilled at that!) – – it also enhances my submissiveness to her that much more.

As I keep saying, tap tap tap. The more you repeat something, the more it embeds itself in your subconscious – – and hers – – and the more the REAL vibes start to emerge – – and when that happens, look out. You’ll have the perfect D/s relationship before you know it!

This is applicable for ALL D/s scenarios, by the way.

Emerson once wrote “Do the thing and you shall have the power”.

And if you do it repeatedly and with passion – – and without fail – – the last thing before going to bed and the first thing in the morning – – when your mind – and hers – are the MOST impressionable – – well then, my friend, you’re well and truly on the way to femdom heaven – – and quickly at that!

Ok, so that’s it for today. I’ll be back later!


Mike Watson

P.S. – I speak about the MENTAL side of things a lot in Cuck Central – – and with good reason. This is an extreme fantasy – extremely enjoyable too – – but you need to be sure you’re ready for it! And being ready doesn’t need to be that difficult if you follow a few simple steps – – and the “how to” in that regard is detailed right here – –

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