Why Madam JI’s shoulders are so Goddess like, so PERFECT, and deserve to be pressed with care, devotion, respect, and WORSHIP!

Much like her feet, boy!

Or … HER!

But anyway, I just saw a picture of Indian Bollywood actress “Kangana Ranaut”, and despite my mentioning many times that I do NOT watch Bollywood, my phone doesn’t get it.


Of course, it doesnt get many other things too.

Maybe it does, and yours truly doesn’t. 😉

But it showed the top of her body. Face, shoulders, collarbones and hint of breasts.

Thats it.


And if Madam was in front of me now, I wouldn’t drop down and press her feet like the true servant I AM.

Well, I’d kiss them first.

But I’d go to her shoulders, and rub her neck, and shoulders, and then of course HEAD to relieve excess tension for her.

The breasts?

Sure, they could be out there in the open.

I’d touch them if she wanted, and if not, I’d keep leaking.

Or, I’d touch them – but the nipples – to turn them on – as I’ve learned from these lovely Chinese ladies doing it so well to ME!

Of course, they do it to control me.

But they do it so damned well!

And I’d rub her shoulders because thats an area women store (and men too) a LOT of excess stress and tension.

And then, of course, I’d wash her feet, Press them …

Bring her drinks.

You get the photo!

With Madam Pearl, her rule was to wash her feet and press her calves as she relaxed with a drink, ignoring me and chatting men up. Random men often!

And then of course we’d talk about their DICKS!

And her nakedness or not wouldn’t matter, of course. Hehe.

It’s all about her, boy!

And I feel that WARM feeling coming over me – and so does SHE – and so DID SHE!

No pressure for her, boy!

No need to suck dick!

No need to … well, do anything she doesnt want to, and conversely and perhaps strangely, that makes her want to do MORE, not less. Hehe.

Lesson in there – see if YOU CAN find it!


Mike Watson

PS – HERE is where you can pick the pathbreaking “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland”. And yes, if you’re on this list and never plan on buying it – or any of the other books I keep telling you about – you might as well LEAVE now. No need for you to “clog” the list up. Hehe. My pipes like to be clogged, but the list does NOT! 😉

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