The “mystery” of that lovely SOLE … !

Well, this could be ANY sole.

Perhaps my SO’s right now which I just saw.

Or Madam Carol’s lovely, soft soles I saw SO often which smelt of her foot sweat and LEATHER even after she took a shower.

Not that I minded, of course.

It only caused me to press her legs with more vigor as she lay there, saying “Go! Do it! Boy!” (in that order. Heh). 

And she’d be on the phone, scrolling through the internet, on her stomach, ass fully visible, that SAME pose I loved so much.

And still do.

Nothing if not smart she was, and in the pantheon of Chinese ladies I’ve been very very fortunate (then again we all make our own luck don’t we!!) to have been with, she was #1 in terms of smartness.


I feel my ears ring.

Madam Susan for one may have something to say about that. her of the “talk to my SOLES, not me, BOY!”

And she would also be right.

Anyway, choosing between them and who is right can be an interesting slave game, but we’ll let that slide for now.

For now, it’s about SOLES.

And each female sole carries with it MYSTERY.

Male stud soles too. But for me, it’s always been more about FEMALE SOLES!

My SO’s look happy (despite the actual foot being sprained and in a cast).

Perhaps thats why.

Those lovely soles don’t need to step on the ground!

Madam Dani, right about NOW, a lady I dont even know other than her stellar work?

I dont know, hehe.

Madam Susan?

Well, SHE is getting off work right about now, and off to meet her husband, who won’t wash her feet, but I will, but … ah!

You get the point.

Madam was so right.

EVERY sole has it’s own story to tell.

Much like every SOUL does. Hehe.

You truly attract what is in your soul, to be honest!

And on that note, I’m out. Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up some super tales of femdom HERE.

PS #2 – And as for Carols soles, well, they’re comfortably encased in sheepskin boots right about now, I believe . . .

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