Badi Malkin, Choti Malkin — Part Two!

Part One, I believe, just hearing those words, man, it’s so EROTIC AND INVIGORATING!! — was posted here …

It was also posted somewhere on Medium, I believe… (since they took it down in a most “anal” and stOoopid manner – well, here goes!)

(their loss, as I keep saying!)

It is one of the overriding themes, I believe in … 16 Indian Femdom Recollections … one of the most “from the heart” memoirs of this nature I’ve ever written.

Anyway, I’ve been writing about Nandini, the lovely “Goddess of Joy” I met somehow … well, vibes ensure we meet! — for something completely (as it always happens!) — non fetish/romance related, and how it all progressed from day one.

All has been written on Medium in that regard!

And I’ll probably write a book on Ma’am too.

But as I was asking her last night -well, after sending her a picture of a dominant Chinese lady getting her feet massaged, and talking down to a girl doing it …

She’s so NICE!

“Madam, hume Nandini Ma’am ko is picture me dalna chahiye, right, and remove the second lady”.

(i.e. put Madam in place of the Chinese girl, and remove the girl massaging).


She replied with several giggles, laughs, and emoticons.

“Madam, you look so good laughing at me”, I went.

Again, so NICE!

She does!

It feels so good too. Hehe.

“Aap ko dal dete hai”, she giggled. “Aap mera nailpaint laga do”.

So cute, the way some Indian girls say “nail paint”, and not polish!

She meant, of course,we’ll put you down there, you can press my feet, do my nailpolish!

Which I would, of course.

But then I asked her, what if Badi Malkin — her mom, another Queen from what I can tell- who she lives with — saw me doing this.

She giggled.

“Pitayi lagegi bahut!”

She will beat you, boy!

Will she?

I dont know. Hehe.

Personally, I think she would be happy seeing a man press her much younger daughter’s feet, legs, be submissive. I still remember an SO of mine once wistfully remarking “yaar meri mother ko bhi chahiye ek ache lage se shadi ho”.

And, her friends giggling.

“Tune ek sharif lage to pakda, duty bajwati hai”.

Translation: Even my mom wants me to marry a good man, and the friends were giggling about “you found a cuck” basically (not quite cuck but thats the gist. Hehe).

Except, yours truly is of course a bad boy at heart. Hehe.

Always has been, the bad boys sometimes make the best cuckolds


But anyway ………….

Mother and daughter combos, serving them, the most erotic!

Two generations of Goddesses, what can I say, domineering, demanding, bratty in their OWN way …

It is a rush most guys want, but have never experienced, but I have — multiple times.

And the real key lies in knowing and feeling the rush comes from serving THEM, not topping from the bottom, which is where most guys fail, dont they.

In “Owned by Madam Aa Ling”, I wrote so much about serving Aa Ling, the lovely lady of the night who took me in hand from day one much like Nandini Ma’am has ..

And of course, her Mom!

And I still remember my face squeezed in between her buttcheeks, tongue deep in her asshole, never had she ever had someone serve her that way …

And the moans of pleasure, the LOOK on Aa Ling’s face, the SATISFACTION on both their faces — THAT DID IT.

Thats what it’s all about.

Paye Lagu, Nandini Ma’am. You’re so nice!


Mike Watson

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