Manlier than YOU – boy!

He didnt say, but like a couple of guys whose penises are SO NICE, their bodies so SLIM, SEXY, they make you WEAK – that I’ve been SIMPING to – I can FEEL it – he’s so DOMINATING!

Like a friend of mine said all those years ago – “I like to be sucked more than doing the sucking”.

And I dont blame him. Hehe.

This guy – well, his PUBES sparked a question in my mind about ethnicity.

So I Asked!

I thought he was Chinese, like Master Wang – the pubes are so DENSE, so SPRINGY, so SIMILAR!

His penis is smaller, yes, but it’s still so dominatingly ROCK HARD, I so LOVE it, especially when he’s so horny, his pre cum ESCAPING FROM THE TIP! OH MY ITS SO NICE!

I’d kiss that slim sexy body, the sparse hair on this body, the “sort of protruding” stomach (beer, like a real man drinks!) – SO !

All day.

I’d beg to ask him HOW he likes his penis slobbed on and sucked, like I simped on Twitter, “sir, how YOU prefer it is important!” 

And it is!

IN Penis Central, and Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, I tell you HOW – and in a manner no-one else does, YET, YOU need to ask your domina or Dom – or both – how that dong should be worshipped, how THEY prefer it – like with femdom, with maledom, always about him FIRST – the pleasure comes from GIVING, SERVING!

Anyway ……….

He probably had the “drawback” some people do upon getting asked that – hey I get it.

Too many misconceptions, one being “Asian cock is too small in general”.


Ask Master Wang!

Or, Sophia Ma’am … Hehe.

Like with all other labels, preconceptions are STUPID.

And even penis size isn’t that important, it’s the GIRTH and how you use it as a friend of mine “Alix” once said that matters – and counts – period! 

He is SO NICE!


And he replied to my question with …

“No, I’m Latino!”

“More manly than you probably”


It was never in doubt. I’d put my tongue in his asshole for as long as he wants, I haven’t even seen it!

And what he REALLY MEANT – I could feel it …

“Manlier than you, BOY!” 

Hehe. Vibes!

I think I found the best fan

Sure, you can do it!

Fan – or simp – I’m honored, SIR! That penis is SO NICE!

So you are in love with my pubes,isn’t it?

And again, never in doubt – was it. Hehe.

Anyway ……….. to finish this one off – no pun – here is what I wrote in a private message to him –

(with cock SHAKING, loins quivering, I almost BURST IN MY PANTS looking at that hot body, but the mind, again – he’s so DOMINANT, dominating, the WAY he says it – OH MY!) I CAN FEEL IT!

Sir, my apologies for the DM – just hope the “ethnicity” part didnt cause offense!

Of course youre manlier than I am – so sexy – I love your body! Slim, sexy – I love it, the hair on your body, your pubes, all of it!

Glad to be a “fan” for you if you put it that way, but YES, I just asked about ethnicity because of the lovely pubes – so sexy! Springy.

I know this is probably clear by now – but Id kiss your beautiful butt and put my tongue in your ass for AS LONG as you wanted, just to be allowed to get near your beautiful penis.

Thank you so much for posting it! You’re so manly and dominating – like to be pleasured – I can feel it!

xo, Mike

He didnt even ask to be called Sir.

And he shouldn’t.

He is so nice, so MANLY! So DOMINATING!

And that, my friend is that.

Pick up the courses above – they will take you on the SIMP journey of your LIFE!



ps – A lady I’ve been simping to and talking with …

Goodnight sweetness! thank you for making me smile tonight ?

i just loved the way you complimented me. it’s not dry and boring , i want more of that

you’re so sweet i could talk to you all day! i didn’t think my ego could get any bigger

… and more.


ALL of it is an honor, so NICE, so inspiring.

Women like her, and men like him make life worth LIVING!

Ma’am, women like you make it so worth it. It’s an honor to “inflate” your ego, but thats how it should be – you SHOULD have a big ego, you deserve it. Your mind is SO NICE! Like your “big” soles – so nice – thank you!

Ma’am, you’re so perfect! ? it’s an honor to make you smile. sleep well, I’d press your feet if I was there while you snored comfortably (or slept comfortably). xoxoxo.

I best stop, hehe. Or I’ll be writing all day. Come to think of it I wouldnt mind that either!!!!!!!!!!


Mike Watson

PPS – A couple of hours later. I couldnt help but simp again. He’s so MANLY as I said on Twitter!


And, please keep being more dominant and getting pleasure. you deserve that. thats why I write all I do – books – or even twitter etc.
domination deserves … PLEASURE!

And dominating men like you getting their penises pleasured in many differnt ways, telling their subs
to do it like THEY like it – well – makes it all worth it!

Penis Central, as you’ve probably already seen – thats the spirit in which THAT was written too!

Anyway – sorry for the second message on this. I’d happily be even MORE of a woman for you, Sir – doing your housework, fetching your drinks – all such a turn on!

I know you’re probably busy with your many admirers, both male and female -so I’ll keep this short. Sorry for the second message – hope
tho the reason I asked was clear, my Prince! (“my” as in figure of speech).

xo, mike

PS – I’d give you a foot massage upon command whie you drink your beer. Again, that MANLY FEELING!

As Sophia Maa’m tells me the following –

“You can be other men’s wife!” 

So sage, prosaic, timely. LOL.

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