On shining his dong, rigorously polishing his KNOB with SLOB – and more. Penis is just so NICE AND DOMINATING!

I don’t know if what I said in the last part there is right i.e. dominating penis, is there such a thing?

Or, a non dominant penis? Hehe.

To me, all dongs – especially the long and straight ones are so DOMINANT!

Look at it, ready to be wielded as a weapon, worshipped, ready to PENTREATE, disperse some of that heavenly SEED – or, gushing yellow pee if that is your thang ..

It just is – dongs inspire worship in me like few other things do – soles and dongs, of course!

Cock and feet, boy, feet and COCK!

There is a reason I keep repeating that, almost like a mantra in Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots. (on the sales page, and other pieces promoting it).

Because a) it’s true, b) it’s a natural progression, and c) – well – for real femdom SHE knows – and you do too – whether or not you say and do it is quite another story altogether!

Me thinks you SHOULD … if you want it, if it’s SSC, do it.

You only have one life, my friend, and dong worship – those hidden latent desires – when unleashed, you’ll capture memories, feelings and emotions that will last the rest of your life, flashbacks as vivid as mine – and each dong will just be different – trust me, cock lovers in general will know!

Anyway ………………

… often times, when Master Jerome would make out with Su, she would command me to cum – not that I needed much commanding anyway. I’d just helplessly spurt loads looking at his thick dong – licking his asshole – licking Madam up and down – or just listening to them jeer and laugh at me – and sometimes, when looking at Master’s soles, I’d just spurt helplessly on his shoes!

He wore leather boots.

“Polish, boy!” 

I still remember su’s voice, caked with LUST – so humiliating, so ALIVE – she loved it as much as me or more (which is the key, of course) – and while Jerome was anything but a male dom initially, it was his first time, he grew into the role like a natural.

I still remember polishing furiously with a cloth for hours, how his shoes SHONE – remember that part in Serving an Indian Goddess where Pooja Ma’am made me do it on her soles?

“Think of it, Priyanka”, went this wise older lady.

“If this nasty thing” (here she prodded my tiny dong in disgust, with an “eew” expression and her big toe curled) – “gives life, think about the life it can give your cracked soles!”

Sure enough, it’s one of the best moisturizers ever for soles, Madam Susan knows this too, and what better use for sissy seed anyway?

It’ll be wasted anyway otherwise!

Anyway ……………

That brings me to the main point of this, moisturizing, polishing his DONG.

All those years ago, when I sucked that second cock in a motel room, a friend of mine – THAT experience, oh MY! – he, as I think I mentioned was drunk, and couldn’t quite stay hard, so I requested permission to apply lotion.

We didnt have any.

“wait a minute”, I still hear him saying throwing his shorts on suddenly.

He walked out to the car, I still remember the orange tube of sun tan lotion he had used earlier that day in his hand.

“This”, he said.

“Well, wont this be harmful if ingested”, I asked uncertainly. 

Apparently it wasn’t and years later, I felt NO ill effects either at the time of applying and then sucking or NOW but it ain’t something I’d recommend – that one was probably natural oil or something!

It didnt do much to keep him hard either …

But it did make his dong, especially the shaft – yours truly was focusing more on the shaft – mistake – SHINE!

That lovely head too, but I should have focused more on the head, but for some reason, I focused more on the SHAFT!

Too bad I hadn’t written Penis Central then. Hehe.

But anyway ……… other lubricants I’ve used?

I dont mention them in either one of the penis worship book, saliva is often all you need in that regard, or lotion, or other commerically available lubes.

But VASEELINE – the petroleum jelly, I’ve often used it as lube – both on dong – and for ME when being penetrated!

Lots of people claim it’s “harmful” – but I dont know why.

I’ve used it for years, never had any ill effects, and honestly, I see no reason why I should or anyone should.

It’s a great alternative to lubes made specifically for the purpose, and those lubes probably are jelly based too!

And hey, they work great to “soothe” irritated assholes too. Hehe.

And they sure do make dick heads SHINE!

It’s so nice, making his cock shine, polishing it assidously, and then his shoes too -with my cum!

All for now!

I was once made to cum on a cactus plant too, I still remember the blobs hanging off the spines, and their (Ma’am and him)’s hysterical giggles.

More on that later!

For now, get the books above, all cock lovers simply must.

And, remember to pick up Ass Worship 101 while you’re at it too.


Mike Watson

PS – Check out the rave reviews on my books too, not only do they change lives, not only does the Real Mac Coy of Femdom put out stuff that is NOTHING like anyting out there on the topic, if at all, NO-ONE writes about these things like I do, with the deep, in depth, real life knowledge that I have – and the book that has changed lives the most?

This one!

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