Gracias, Senorita!

Gracias, Senorita!

Dear Reader,

Thank you, Madam! ( I hope my Spanish is correct, hehe).

But I think it is (from the limited amount of Spanish I know).

I know “Cabron” as well, hehe. (cuck if I understand it correctly).

But thats about the limit of my Spanish, with a few other words thrown in here and there.

Well, “gringo” as well. Hehe.

But anyway ….

I think I’ve mentioned that our books have been translated into many languages, but Spanish and Portugese are two of them.

THIS SITE only sells the English language book for logistical and payment reasons (i.e. the translated books’s sales – a cut goes to the translator, the middle party etc).

But the translated versions are on Amazon etc if you want to search for them.

And one of my most popular books (well, after the admittedly PATHBREAKING book “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China” – which by the way works for ladies of all hues, shapes and colors and subs too) is the book on ruined orgasms.

15 ways to give him one at that …

And a lovely lady (no, i have NOT seen her, I have NOT spoken with her about fetish etc – I mean lovely as in … well, as in how Madam Susan means lovely when she calls me lovely, hehe).

What I mean is I’ve worked with a veritable barrage of translators before, ALL or most of whom did a great job.

And (this happened on the other site) when they coulnd’t due to whatever reason, they told me.

As a lady from South America did the other day. She was honest about her reasons, and I sure do appreciate that!

Candor above all.

Anyway, let’s look at what my translator “Daniela” said about the book – well, her question.

It shows DEDICATION – and before I tell you – let me be honest.

There was SOMETHING about this lady which made me think this would be the most superb translation EVER.

She had that something!

And as our communications proceeded, I was proven RIGHT. On all fronts. (not to mention she’s picked up my way of saying “best” – which I LOVE!).

Good, good girl (or lady), or … ah, but you get the point. I love doing business with people who use that term!

(for decidedly NOT fetish reasons but we won’t get into that here)

Hi Mike, I hope you are doing fine. I just want to let you know that I am doing the finals corrections to the book. However, I have an issue, I am having a hard time understanding the word “tugga” can you explain it to me so I can find the perfect word in Spanish, please. I hope it is not a problem.


Best, Daniela.

Yours truly …

Hi Daniela

Thanks so much for your work on this, and for being meticulous enough to check with me – most would have missed that one!!

“Tugga” is one of those weird English expressions. Hehe. It could either mean a “tough guy” (Aussie cricketer Steve Waugh was often called that) – i.e. a guy that keeps “tugging” and doesnt give up. Humilation wise? 😉 A guy that “tugs” on his either his own (tiny!) cock – or others (BIG!) cocks – and is either forced to, or likes to, or does it himself anyway. Hehe.

And ruined orgasm wise, much the same thing – rather than the more pleasurable “up and down” motion on the dick – it’s a “tugging” motion on the top of it with forefinger and middle (and thumb, but the less the better, hehe).

Now, I think the last one was what you asked me this about – but I figured I’d just let you know the overall meaning so you can find the best Spanish translation for it.

Gracias, Senorita! (Thank you, Madam! – I hope my Spanish was correct on this one. No, I can’t read/speak Spanish, hehe).

Best, Mike Watso

And that should give you the dear reader more “ideas” as well -as if my books don’t already! 😉

Well my friend, that’s IT FOR NOW.

Be sure and grab the English version of the book on ruined orgasms HERE. And I’ll advise when the translated version is on Amazon etc for those that want, with links etc!


Mik eWatson

PS – Thank you, Daniela!

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