You’re good at pressing feet, boy!

I dont know why, but ravishing Madam Christina, perfect Madam SUSAN … and all the rest were on my HEAD – mind – when I woke up this morning!

And when I say head, obviously the little cucked head, hehe.

I dont know why, but the mocking glances were coming straight at me.

The way Perfect Madam Christina LOOKS at me is beyond belief, and so humiliating!

And the way she openly wants to USE and ABUSE ME …

“Yes, boy! I need it! Come to Shenzhen NOW!”

This said a while ago when Madam was working late, and I ventured to offer her the following.

“Madam, it’s late- and you shoul dbe sleeping!”

“Madam, I think we can talk biz later. Can I press your head and feet now? You deserve it, and you need to rest!”

And there was a bit more, but she replied, of course.

(the biz part – well – that was with someone else).

“Yes, boy! Come to Shenzhen .. NOW!”

Anyway, that brings to mind what a girl once told me YEARS ago.

“You’re good for buying me things, spending money on me, and nothing else!”

While tickling my dick, which was locked at that point!

And really.

She was right!

All I’m good for is buying Madam Christina things, for one.

And cleaning the house.

Doing the laundry. Folding it well!

But sex? Anything sexual?

As Sophia told me.

“Remember one thing, boy! You can NEVER TOUCH ME or have sex with me!”

And the same for Susan, Christina and the rest.

But I AM good at one thing – for them.

“Pressing feet, cooking and cleaning … BOY!”

And that is such an honor, Madam … JI!

Hey, what can I say – even us cucks and sissies are useful! 😉

And thats all I gotta say today.


Mike Watson

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