“If he can’t be a good life partner, I’ll train him to be a good bed partner, like the pet DOG I sleep with!”

“When the student is ready, the teacher WILL appear”.

So goes an ancient Chinese saying. I belive it’s Chinese, at least …

I’d replace or augment it with the following.

“When those truly in flow live life doing what they love and do best, then not only doe the money “follow”, but ENDLESS opportunities abound with regard to that “thing” everywhere”.

Could be the abundance of dominant Chinese ladies around me, for one. I dont think I need to explain that one further! 😉

Or many like Madam Su happy to cuckold me, and many COCKS happily waiting to be slobbered on and SUCKED !

Many asses to be licked. Many pungent, musty, STEAMING assholes … ass cracks.

The area under the nuts. The lovely balls sucked like succulent GRAPES. And need tI say more?

I dont think so!

But anyway, I recently saw a post from a lady on LinkedIn (another account – not “Mike Watson”).

It said the following.

“If he can’t be a good life partner, I’ll train him to be a good bed partner, much like the pet dog I sleep with”

And though I dont use smileys, I just had to …

It was THIS one.


Now, what do I mean and why did I use them?

Well, first, to say that in a professional setting is… well, I dont know. It’s different to ay the least. And that what caught my attention.

This lady is an older lady.

A CAREER oriented lady.


A lady who says what she thinks!

With no apologies, and thats such a huge turn on!

But really, given all my recent writing.


If he can’t be a real man and a good life partner and provide etc, well … he can be SOMETHING ELSE!

Something that Princess Sophia turned me into so expertly.

A soulmate!


A true “best friend” and nothing else!

And she was RIGHT, hehe. And so I was in wanting it! 😉

Hey, we all have our uses.

And if he can’t be a good REAL MAN, might as well “suck it up” (both literally and figuratively) and be what he IS, a true cuck and sissy, hehe.

Anyway, I wanted to say one thing to Ms “Ren” who apparently posted that.

Paye Lagu … Madam … JI!

You hit the nail, on the HEAD! Hehe. (pun intended! ;)).


Mike Watson

PS – Learn all about how Madam Sophia Bai turned me into the perfect “best friend lik eher dog” (but gave me a status LOWER than that) right here – – Sophia Bai

PS #2 – Oh, and dont forget the BLACKCOCK discount code! Only valid until Dec 2, so hurry … NOW! Time waits for NOBODY, my friend. Get your thang on now!

PPS – And the dog saying was so apt! A dog gets to be petted, but sex? No way! And so does a CUCK, hehe. NO sex, boy! NONE EVER! As that regal lady once told me as I was staring at that lovely CURVED COCK, head curved UPWARDS … length just right! The cock was gleaming with a mixture of my spit and his cum (it was so much I could barely lick it all up), and a blob just emerged from the head too!

“Thats going to be a biggggggg part of your sex life from here on in, BOY!” 

PPS #2 – That COCK is by far my favorite one, Jerome’s lovely member being the only exception.

Well, perhaps Garima MAdam’s lover’s too! Those balls, those HOT balls, were something ELSE!

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