Miss Chen … and Pooja Madam … JI!

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Miss Chen … and Pooja Madam … JI!

Spicy Erotic

Payal, I believe she was.

Perfect Madam Payal! Paye lagu, Madam … JI!

My NIPPLES are taut and tight just thinking about her … and she was more real than you’d think, hehe.

“Payal” is hindi for anklet, and we all know why I find those so SEXY!

But either way.

When I wrote Meeting Ms. Chen, an oldie, but immensly popular GOODIE along with “Owned by Madam Aa Ling” – well – both were very well recieved.

Both had OLDER ladies in charge, and I worshipped them like there was no tomorrow. So reverently!

Nothing like with Pooja Memsahib, but hey. We gotta work up to everything!

But the story on Meeting Ms Chen had a HEAVY Indian femdom twist, so I’m not sure I’m doing it justice by just calling it a Chinese femdom themed story.

For now though, it’ll stay where it is, but believe me, the story is MORE TRUE than you’d think!


Wives, and what not …

And I mention this because …

It’s raining outside. Cold, dark and DANK. UGH!

Mike Watson turns the big 4 soon, and thats not exactly the “birthday welcome I’d like”. Heh.

I’d rather …

Ah, but it’s actually apt.

You on the list and those that have bought the books will remember how Miss Chen so expertly HUMILIATED And dominated me that first time I actually went to her home – umbrella and all in tow!

Little did I know the supremely confident “fruit seller” in the park that used to yell “lao wai” at me as if I were a THING would take me in hand so expertly.

(lao wai – “foreigner” in Mandarin Chinese)

Little did I know that Cherry, and again, more truth than fiction would KNOW about my addiction (secret, I thought!) to long BLACK cocks…

(cocks in general, hehe)

And little did I KNOW she’d tell my WIFE!

Madam Payal …

And as it’s raining outside I remember Pooja Madam.

She never missed a day.

Come rain, hail, sun or shine she’d SHOW Up.

And despit ebeing bossy, pushy, selling overpriced products etc (which were NOT worth it) – she made sales!

And she made the biggest sale of course that afternoon when I finally mustered up the courage to invite her home!

And wash her feet …

And right now, I’d lick the rainy grime off her soles as well if she was here.

She’s such a Queen, and a Goddess.

So, so imperious!

And she SHOWS up daily. Thats half the battle won – or more than it – femdom related – or not!

And thats what I gotta say now. Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Remember to pick up Pooja Memsahib … JI! (the book) right HERE. Truly the most extreme ever, and while you’re at it, check out our other books as well. You, the TRUE femdom lover will LOVE them.

PS #2 – And as for the DEPTHS of my SHEER, UTTER and TRUE devotion to Pooja Memsahib … JI! – check out “25 odes to Pooja Memsahib… JI!

PPS – I can almost hear her. “Gobhi le … Tamatar Le” (And the way she’s yelling is anything but polite (shes wanting customers to buy vegetables on a cold rainy day. What a GODDESS! Always showing up when no-one else does, and she’s GOT her just rewards!).

By the way, remember to pick up my odes to Madam Susan right here too – 15 Odes to perfect Madam Susan.

Another royal, imperious, DOMINANT force of nature!

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