Cucks jerking their wangs in the shower …

I just jerked off, my friend. In the shower.

You see, Madam was too busy watching her Korean soap opera.

She’s been doing it for ages, now, even since I wrote that first post to you today actually – and it’s been THREE hours since!

And of course, she’s got that annoyed – bored – sardonic smile, that BITCHY look to her face which SCREAMS “I WILL be a bitch no matter what!” (because her stud isn’t giving her any) ..

And of course, I’ve written about in the last two emails what I’d like to do with her!

It isn’t “screw”, hehe. More like be screwed and worship, but anyway, as I’m doing laundry, and the pressure gets to be too much?

I took a shower, and jerked off.

But I’m still horny, because it wasn’t a real man jerk off.

It was a two finger technique I’ve patented in the book on ruined orgasms, ported over to the book on sissygasms, and thoughts, and my nipples were teh only things I stimulated, and yet, what a massive load I shot!

And I thought of her soles – and her MIDDLE finger, taunting me! 

“I know, you loser!” 

And those angry, frustrated EYES!

And of course, who better than take her frustrations out on other than cuck, hehe.

Anyway …


Why do I mention this?

Because I’ve got plenty of bitchy women around me, my friend.

I attracted them, while most men repel ’em.

And therefore, most men are glued to the ‘puter, porn etc … “wishing they’d get some of that domination”, but they don’t.

Because they approach it all wrong, and if you’re thinking “another pitch”, you’re damned right, cuck.

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