Caged dong VS A FREE DONG …

One of the most erotic things I’ve ever seen, and I’ve written about this before was the “caged cock” I saw in a video on twitter or someplace.

Yes, I rarely if ever get on social media – – but sometimes, it has its uses!

And this caged cock was confronted by another, similar sized, but OH SO LUSCIOUS FREE cock – perhaps the guy’s Master!

At least I’d call him Master. Or sir!

And he was whimpering (the caged cuck).

Master touched his CAGED dick and squeezed his balls and cock together, which must be an immensely painful experience!

Well, not so much painful as “steel” into skin… so certainly not erotic as you’d think!

But the cuck loved it.

He kept whimpering, and shot a MASSIVE sissy style load at the end of the 2 minutes or so of the man fondling his cock (the Master stayed hard throughout, it was so erotic, watching that hard dick bob up and down with the HEAD!) … and it was an orgasm-cum-sissygasm.

Truly an unique thing … and I haven’t really seen it before.

Last night, as I lay in bed, I thought about what I did to Master Kendrick (him of “Meeting Ms Chen”) and “Jerome” (Madam Su, in Sophia bai).

The view is BETTER from down there, boy!

So would say Jerome as he stood there, cock proudly ERECT and pointing SKYWARDS, as I kissed his DARK skin and black feet repeatedly, working my way up to his cock and balls as he liked!

Of course, I’d have to lick his ass first and (sometimes )drink his piss before “getting access to his cockhead!”.

Sometimes, I’d BEG to smooch his asshole as Su and him would laugh at me!

Cocks truly are so erotic, and serving them makes it all worth it, doesn’t it, for sissies and cock lovers?

I can understand after all these year why Madam Wendy wanted to take me to a gay bar!

Why Madam Su said she wanted to have her cake and eat it too,and I couldn’t cheat.

She had me “pegged” right from the start – pun intended!

And so did all the other lovely Chinese ladies I’ve been FORTUNATE enough to be associated with.

Truly worth it – Paye Lagu, Memsahib … JI!


Mike Watson

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PPS – Sissies never have a “hard” time getting hard when COCKS are around, do they? I know one thing – feet and cocks. Feet and cocks. Feet and COCKS … BOY! I could stay hard ALL DAY LONG!

(and thats why all my courses on it. Enjoy!)

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