“We’ll need a whole library for your BOOKS”. Yes sir, and I’ll need a whole fridge for HIS cum, hehe.

It’s interesting!

I first started off this venture with a couple of great guys from Femdom Cave Publishing.

Guys I highly recommend but am no longer with due to “personal reasons” and me “hoofing it my own way”.

I have a slightly different way of doing business, as you can tell, and that doesn’t always “bode” well with other people’s way of doing things.

But the split was, is, and always WILL be very amicable, and I HIGHLY recommend these dudes, especially if you’re just starting out – they have a kind (albeit occasionally cranky editor) and an AWESOME site admin.

Great guys.

But anyway, I’ve written about my prodigous output in all ways, hehe.

And the editor there once made a comment along the lines of “Wow! If you keep this up, we’ll need a whole library for your books!”

True dat, sir. (i dont mean that in a fetish sense).

I’ve got 80 total and counting … or 82, actually I believe. Not sure.

And if you count the paperbacks, you can double the count.

Then I’ve got more than 35 (again, double the count) for another venture, and a few here and there, and all my various blogs, emails (I promote all my businesses the way I do this one, I promise one email a day but usually send five times that!) ..

And all that.

So I can understand.

But the amount of cum I’ve seen, slobbered on, tasted – both in meals and not – was enough to fill up several fridges.

Lets give you three examples.

One was Madam Su, and her boyfriend often when drunk pissed in a bottle, and ordered me to put it in the fridge.

I did.

And he’d drink chilled beer, and I’d drink his piss later as they laughed at me!

His “beer piss” as it was.

Just hilarious, and so COMMANDING was that cock (and of course Su) that I’d do and did anything for her!

Then I thought that was nothing once Pooja Memsahib JI … took me in hand!

I literally drank LOADS of cum – – chilled – not chilled – out of asshole – hers and sometimes my own – and often on toothbrushes first thing in the morning!

And of course, the gorgeous. Ms. Priyanka.

She made me brush my teeth with cum a LOT of mornings.

Given everything else you’d think that was tame, but it wasn’t, hehe, considering the worship that went on before!

His piss and cum would probably fil up three fridge, if not more!

Hers too …

And their waste is HOLY … BOY!

At least if you’re TRULY into femdom (and if not, this is the wrong list for YOU).

And thats the theme for the Pooja Memsahib … JI! Series.

EVERYTHING about her is holy.

Everything, boy!

Grab this NOW.


Mike Watson

PS – Check out Garima Madam’s bitch while you’re at it too!

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