“Less than the DIRT … under a woman’s shoe!”

As I told Madam Jojo the other day … a “man’s place is always under a woman’s foot … or, preferably, her shoe!”

She giggled and didn’t respond either way, but you could see she was PLEASED, and today, as I complete my latest femdom compilation (right up towards the top of the page and a SEVEN IN ONE VALUE!) I was reminded of this in no uncertain terms.

So much so that the books subtitle is precisely what I just said (a derivative therein) and the cover features … well, you guessed it, footboy!

Or Madam, as the case might be!

A pair of lovely, creamy, oh so WORHSIPPABLE Asian SOLES – – with the “heel marks” still on the heel, and a lovely, sexy BROAD pair of soles along with the footwear that should make any true femdom lover DROOL – as should the book covers in general, hehe.

And I was reminded of something else.

A few years ago, I was teaching English to a private student in China. Teaching English is something I generally never do, but did on occasion back then and as I showed her the meaning of a word on my phone – it was time for an “oops” moment – – as I saw a bit of a giggle on her face.

Not a huge giggle, as I “contained” my mistake in time – – but a small giggle, hehe.

She didn’t quite know, but she was curious … and if YOU are curious, well, at that point, my phone background was a pair of soles minus the footwear at that point – – Madam Alexa’s soles, for that matter!

Yes, the imperious and ROYAL Madam Alexa who KNOWS that the ONLY purpose a dick serves is either to be locked up or (try and) pleasure her.

“It’s better than a dildo! Human!” as she said (I’m paraphrasing here). Oh, “live dildo” I believe is what she said – – I can’t remember – – I’ll have to look!

Whatever she said she was right as always, and as my student almost caught sight of the feet, I managed to whisk the phone away, red coloring my cheeks!

And this has happened once before too, when Madam Pearl’s feet were on my phone screen –YES, the same feet that were I show so often on my Instagram account!

On that occasion though, it was primary school students that almost saw it, so it wouldn’t have mattered but what if my adult student would have?

It would have been … interesting to say the least, as Madam Alexa put it!

That’s a tale for another time, but for now, you true femdom lovers will love the actual CONTENT of the compilations more than the covers themselves which are the icing on the cake, of course.

And that’s that for today, my friend. If you have your Madam’s feet on your phone – be sure and “protect” it from prying eyes – and when you fail – be sure to REGALE her with your embarrassing story – she’ll laugh – – that I DO guarantee!


Mike Watson

P.S. – How did I meet Madam Pearl? How did it all go down? Well, it’s all WELL detailed in Submissive Musings in mainland China – Volume #1 – – which you can – – and should – – grab right here — https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/submissivemusings/

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