Madam, it can never be retracted!

Unless “cut”, of course.

Unless it’s one of those cocks I love soooo much and slobber over so much (and that you delight in humiliating me with, wagging in my face, dumping on my face – literally – and bashing me on the nose with (Jerome, what a DICK he had! What a MAN – what a COCK! What a STUDLY HEAVY PENDULUM LIKE COCK!) ) …

We truly sometimes do believe the grass is greener on the other side, and with my phimotic cock, the head never ever seen even to me, you’d think thats one reason I love those lovely cocks.


But I’ve waxed lyrical about uncut ones too.

But it’s the elephant snouted PHIMOTIC cocks I’ve never had the joy of sucking but believe it or not, they unload MORE.

All that skin is very sensitive!

And is one reason I like watching cut cocks, but would never get cut myself.

And men, studs or not, I wouldn’t recommend YOU DO so either.

Believe me, even if you got phimosis, despite what the docs say, you don’t necessarily need a painful surgery and weeks of recuperation …

It’s called STRETCHING and topical creams and if you so choose, you can CURE your “sick dick” as well. Hehe.

I choose not to!

The mystery, and many ladies love it.

Now, Madam Ashley.

What did she say.

“Why I can’t see the head, boy!”

And she was right! Cut cocks are indeed sexy as HECK.

And she was a nurse.

But she didnt know that cocks can be phimotic, hehe.

What a lovely Madam, what a lovely NURSE she was.

Nurse Ashley.

Much like Doctor Sunny, who I wrote about earlier on

Anyway, whats the point of all this?

That some things – comments included just can’t be retracted.

And thats why I rarely, if ever have anything BAD to say about anyone unless they truly deserve it.

And it’s why I shower people – and women especially with COMPLIMENTS galore.

“Madam, isn’t it my job to COMPLIMENT you daily?”

Said to a shy Madam joy who initially didnt get it, but later did, I believe …

“Goddess, I should be complimenting you more and more!”

And provided you MEAN it – and I truly do – well – its never enough, boy!

Paye Lagu Malkin … JI!


Mike Watson

PS – Lots of tales of my phimotic cock in my books on Chinese femdom – grab some NOW.

PS #2 – And lots of stories of me sucking, serving and worshipping those lovely luscious porn star like COCKS (curiously I’ve been called a porn star myself -external looks etc – but nothing ever is as it seems! )) … I could probabbly give the lovely Sunny Leone compeition in that regard.

Come to think of it, we should discuss it over drinks one day. In a gay bar, no less, hehe. Madam Wendy, you were really SO nice!

Anyway, almost forgot the link – – here it is now – – Cuckold Compilations.

Cocks, cocks and MORE COCKS – and their JUICE!

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