The very long list of CHORES my SO doesn’t even make me do!

Paye Lagu, Madam! I gotta say that once, as I finish up a sumptuous meal of “cheese and something” my SO dished up.

Yes, you heard me right. My SO dished it up.

Femdom doesn’t always need to follow a set pattern, ya know! ?

And I wasn’t expecting the extra cheese she gave me (though I get from her ASS a lot, and I’d rather that over the very delicious REAL cheese I ate! ?) . . .

. . . I think it was as she once said.

The more you serve me, the more rewards you’ll get bitch!

Said like a true Goddess.

And, on that note, here is what I do for her daily (just a brief sampling).

Press her feet at night for as long as she likes, both BEFORE AND AFTER I lick her to her satisfaction.

The licking is very important, and though my neck hurts, she NEVER allows me to stop while she is enjoying herself!

And . . . as of late she’s been verbally denigrating me MORE AND MORE while I do it! ?

And sometimes she won’t allow me to wash my face after that as I literally “taste her ass” as I sleep.

“No washing needed, boy!”

And I smell her ass all night long, figuratively speaking of course.

Making her tea during and throughout the day.

Doing the dishes for her as and when she likes! I should be doing ‘em now, but she gave me a BREAK!

Folding the laundry. Of course!

Giving her all my money, and making sure she has access to my bank account, while I do NOT even know how much she has in hers!

That last part is key, of course, a nd buying things for her with my money, while she flaunts and spends her own money on herself.

And guess what.

Madam deserves every bit, and then some!

And back to her soles. Truly Goddess like soles those are, and those aren’t the only body parts I massage, in fact, much like with Perfect Madam Pearl, I’m often made to massage her back and waist for hours – with OIL, no less. Hehe.

Let’s see, what else?

Cleaning the house on her schedules, and especially the bathrooms!

ESPECIALLY the toilets, and often times, twice a day. IF she so chooses!

And . . . what else? Doing all the handyman chores around the house, of course.

And little things on occasion, like bringing her shoes to her when she’s ready to go out, unexpectedly.

She’s a Goddess.

She humiliates me, denigrates me and puts me in my place almost daily.

aNd guess what.

I love it.

I wouldn’t have it any other way, and her sole is flashing RIGHT now in my brain in front of me, and I am going NUTS with devotion. If she asked me to slap myslf in the balls right now, I’d probably do that too!

She’s a Goddess incaranate, and so are all women, bar none.

And they all deserve it!


Mike Watson

PS – Be the best sissy for your Mistress, boy – and learn how to do so right HERE. Truly the definitive (I use that word often don’t I) and BEST course for the same!

PS #2 – as for the chores, no she doesn’t even have to tell me to do ‘em. I bend over backwards trying to outdo myself on them while she usually just laughs!

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