Do sissygams strengthen the fingers – or – abs – or both?

I don’t know so much about the first. Hehe. Popping off two finger pull-ups this morning, I did have the thought though!


Sissygams emphasize gentle. Not shoving it in roughly like porn does.

And pull-ups are not mentioned in Sissy workouts.

They’re a studly exercise, and shall remain that way, and if you want to be a stud(let’s face it, women love men that can do pull-ups. A long time ago I was fat, that same ex who spoke about “honey, why do the skinny guys have the thickest dicks!” Was telling me about the guy in Red Dragon “look at the muscles on that dude”! Hehe. The comment stuck, years later, I’m that guy – and I’m the polar opposite too. Shades of grey! ;)) ..

.. but sitting here in one of the exercises i highly emphasize – the split – yes, that WILL be in the book – I gotta tell you this, doing Sissygasms right, you’ll feel it in the abs.

Your innards won’t feel “pulverized” as common porn, erotica or literotica dicates…

But, you’ll feel your abs tighten internally – the kind that really matters.

Trust me on this one.

Everything will improve.

The core, especially around the waist I’ve always said is by far the best indicator of your fitness and the most important, along with legs and grip – part of the body to train.

And Sissy workouts emphasizes the core like nothing else.

Lots of you have asked when the book will be out.

Well, only when enough of you place the pre order my friend.

If you’re like an idiot that recently contacted me wanting it all, but whined up a storm when I asked for money for services he wanted – then nothing doing.

Money talks, BS walks. Or, as a famous wrestler once said, talks cheap. But money buys whiskey!

And that, my friend is that.

Place your pre orders NOW!



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